BizNews brainteaser: Ian’s Trivialus 10 March

Quizmaster Ian Woodrow returns with another Trivialus for the BizNews tribe to take a crack at. Give it a go and see how well you score. Find the answers to this week’s quiz here.

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  1. Which 92-year old media tycoon has announced his engagement to his current girlfriend, a 67-year old retired Russian molecular biologist?  Bonus for the name of his last (his fourth) wife.
  2. Which French philosopher is widely regarded as the creator of analytical geometry?
  3. This last week both President Biden and Donald Trump significantly strengthened their claims to be the next presidential candidates of their respective parties.  What is this voting day called in the US?
  4. IAMS make food products for which market?
  5. True/False – sound waves will not travel through a vacuum.
  6. Earlier this week the Malaysian government announced it will commit funds to what investigative project that has posed a mystery for 10 years?
  7. How thick is Antarctica’s ice at its deepest point, a) 1 200 metres b) 3 300 metres c) 4 800 metres?
  8. Who directed the film American Sniper (2014)?  Bonus for the lead actor.
  9. According to Forbes magazine the highest-earning Hollywood actor in 2023 was a) Tom Cruise b) Margot Robbie c) Adam Sandler?
  10. What is the name of the region of the brain that has to do with memory and learning (amongst other things) and is said to look like a seahorse?
  11. Where were the 1952 Summer Olympics held, a) Helsinki b) London c) Melbourne?
  12. Two pharmaceutical companies, Novo Nordisk (Danish) and Eli Lilly (American) have a commanding duopoly with their two products, respectively, Wegovy and Zepbound.  In which market are these drugs in high demand?
  13. The band Blink 182 gets its name from the number of times Al Pacino used the ‘f-word’ in which film?
  14. What 1916 battle was the longest battle of World War I, a) The Somme b) Verdun c) Cambrai?
  15. On Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump shouldn’t be omitted from ballot papers in state primary elections.  Which state had originally blocked him from being listed as a candidate?
  16. What is the difference between elicit and illicit?
  17. What was Manor Farm renamed in a 1945 book?  Bonus for the author.
  18. What is the least dense metal on earth?  For a bonus, which metal is most dense?
  19. What ship, that left New York City on 7 November 1872, bound for Genoa was discovered adrift and deserted four weeks later off the Azorean islands?
  20. Which West Indian dance shares its name with the first circle of Hell in Dante’s Inferno?

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