BizNews brainteaser: Ian’s Trivialus 18 Feb – A kind quiz this week

Quizmaster Ian Woodrow returns with another Trivialus for the BizNews tribe. Ian has said that it’s a kinder brainteaser this week, with six bonus questions and a score above 20 being “acceptable”, give it a go below, and check your answers here.

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  1. Last Sunday’s Super Bowl was the most watched US TV broadcast since a) The 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers
    b) 1969 Moon landing c) 2016 election of Donald Trump?
  2. What is the name of the ghost ship doomed to sail the seven seas forever?
  3. True/False – Helium is lighter than hydrogen.
  4. This next week sees a crucial legal hearing in London where the fate of an Australian national, currently held in Belmarsh prison, will be decided.  Who is he?  Bonus for the embassy where he sought refuge for seven years.
  5. Which group of people believe in The Great Architect of the Universe?
  6. Who was the ice skater whose ex-husband arranged an attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan?
  7. Why is Donald Trump being accused of undermining NATO?
  8. What is the name of the former professional boxer who has also served as a Senator of the Philippines?
  1. Which Caribbean country ceased to be a constitutional monarchy and became a republic on November 30, 2021?
  2. Who was Anjezë Bojaxhiu better known as, and, for a bonus what was her nationality?
  3. This last week, Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent in the Christian calendar – a period of abstinence and prayer before Easter.  The day before is colloquially known as Pancake Day, but what is its more formal name?  Bonus for how this name came about.
  4. What was the title of the first Beatles album released in March1963? Bonus for the second.
  5. Covering 3 time zones, the world’s third largest democracy, with a population of 275m, went to the polls on Wednesday where Prabowo Subianto was voted the next president of which country?
  6. Which philosopher’s last words were, “Crito, I owe the sacrifice of a rooster to Asklepios; will you pay that debt and not neglect to do so?”
  7. What is the tallest species of tree a) Giant Sequoia b) Coast Redwood c) Mountain Ash?
  8. According to the latest democracy index from the Economist Intelligence Unit, the share of the global population who live in a full democracy is, a) 8% b) 12% c) 17%?
  9. Charlotte Corday assassinated which French revolutionary in 1793?  Bonus for saying where he was at the time.
  10. In the Star Wars films, who killed Jabba the Hutt?  Bonus for the film in which it happened.
  11. What word is a synonym for perspicacious, a) Prescient b) Insightful c) Circumspect?
  12. What connected Austria, Finland, and Sweden on New Year’s Day, 1995?

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