BizNews brainteaser – Ian’s Trivialus 23 June 2024

Quizmaster Ian Woodrow returns with another Trivialus for the BizNews tribe to take a crack at. Give it a go and see how well you score. Find the answers to this week’s quiz here.

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23 June

  1. Which country in southeast Asia has become the first to legalise same-sex marriages?
  2. The French word trombone, in English, means the same musical instrument, but also what other item?
  3. What is the only English anagram of the word hatter?
  4. Name the three companies currently jostling for the title of the world’s most valuable company.
  5. In 1987 the ferry, The Herald of Free Enterprise, capsized outside which Belgian port?
  6. True/False – there are more KFC stores in China than there are in the US.
  1. Donald Sunderland described by many as one of the finest actors never to win an Oscar, passed away on Thursday at the age of 88.  He continued to make films well into his eighties.  One of his more recent roles was as President Snow in what 4-part sci-fi action series?  Bonus for his nationality.
  2. Who composed the opera The Magic Flute, a) Tchaikovsky b) Handel c) Mozart?
  3. Which female politician/leader said, “The lady’s not for turning.”?
  4. Which large city (population >2 million) sees a remarkably large growth (over 100%) in its occupants, once every year for just under a week, whereafter it quickly reverts to the normal level.?  For a bonus point, what is the name of the event that causes this increase?
  5. Which country did Vladimir Putin visit this week for the first time since 2000?
  6.  Who is the patron saint of Wales?
  7. What does the suffix “stan” mean in the names of various countries, a) Republic b) Land c) Kingdom?
  8. Which city in California has decided to ban the use of mobile phones in schools?
  9. Which state borders California to the north?
  10. The Swaythling Cup is the trophy for the winning men’s team in which World Championship?  Two bonus points for the name of the trophy awarded to the winning women’s team.
  11. The British army ordered a number of badges for its forces to mark the accession of King Charles III to the throne.  However, it has delayed the introduction of these due to, a) Security concerns b) Discontent with the King’s image c) Prominent colouring too visible on camouflage clothing?
  12. “I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey …..” are the narrator’s opening lines to which movie?
  13. American author, Herman Wouk’s second novel about World War II was entitled The Winds of War (1971).  What was his first, which won him the Pulitzer Prize in fiction?
  14. If the history of the Earth is represented by a single hour (i.e. 60 minutes = 4.6 billion years) how many minutes ago did dinosaurs first appear, a) 8 minutes b) 5 minutes c) 3 minutes?

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