MAILBOX: There are far too many questions to even suggest mandatory vaccination!

Last week, Discovery CEO Adrian Gore announced the company’s move to implement a mandatory vaccination policy upon all of its SA-based employees. Subsequently, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings announced that it will not force its staff to vaccinate and that ‘the group would rather convince anti-vaxxers to vaccinate rather than enforce a mandatory vaccination policy.’ Amid the hype of these announcements, BizNews received the email below from a community member, Beth Tomlinson. In an official South African government document relating to the medical certification of deaths due to Covid-19, dated July 2020 and signed by Dr SSS Buthelezi – the Director-General of the Department of Health, it states that; ‘The World Health Organisation has recently provided international guidelines … that Covid-19 should be recorded on the medical certificate of cause of death of ALL decedents where Covid-19 caused, or is assumed to have caused, or contributed to death.’ This provides a frighteningly vague and vast umbrella under which our ‘official’ Covid-19 death count continues to grow. This directive by the WHO has even more data-altering implications when one considers the immunosuppression which occurs in the weeks following vaccination – during which the susceptibility to more severe Covid-19 infection increases. The above average all-cause mortality in England and Scotland, referred to by Tomlinson, could be as a result of Covid-19 infection, lockdown-related illness that has manifested (largely-unchecked) or vaccination. The bottom line is that we do not know and cannot be sure – and speculation or assumption in this respect would be both dangerous and inconsequential. However, one thing that is becoming clearer by the day, as indicated in Tomlinson’s email, is that there are simply far too many questions for anyone to even suggest mandatory vaccination. – Nadya Swart

By Beth Tomlinson

I would like to start by thanking you for being the ONLY news organisation in SA that reports without bias on the covid/vaccination subject!

As we read of more companies planning mandatory vaccines, I wonder if they read anything that is happening out in the world, and in SA. Just today I was on a group where a number of people shared how they knew a colleague, a friend, or someone’s parents, who had died within days of getting the vaccine – and yet each one was classified as a Covid-19 related death.

I read an article today on The College Fix, about Cornell University, which I want to share with you, and ask if one of your staff could maybe investigate and fact-check it – it looks genuine to me.

Despite 95% vaccination rate, Cornell today has five times more COVID cases than it did this time last year | The College Fix

The vaccine is not making any difference to infection rates, and the only reason people think it is, is that in the US the CDC does not count vaccine “breakthrough” cases unless they result in hospitalisation. The vaccine might very well reduce the severity of the symptoms, but that then is a person’s choice, and no reason to force everyone to take the vaccine.

This is tearing families, friends and communities apart!

One more comment I read today – once again not fact-checked:

All-cause-mortality is running at least 10% above normal in England and Scotland, the only places we have decent near-real-time data. This has been a trend for two months now in England, longer in Scotland. Both countries are 80%+ fully vaccinated for adults. Covid is through the roof in both places too.  I don’t know why. Truly. Do the health authorities? Because it would be nice if they’d tell us. Or at least acknowledge the reality and investigate it.

There are far too many questions for anyone to even suggest mandatory vaccinations!

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