MAILBOX: Geordin Hill-Lewis campaign platform ‘more government rhetoric’

Earlier this week, Geordin Hill-Lewis, the DA’s young Cape Town mayoral candidate, spoke to BizNews founder Alec Hogg and discussed his campaign for the upcoming municipal elections which is based on the platform of ending load-shedding for the Mother City. In the interview, Hill-Lewis referred to “kicking open the door” that opened a crack after Eskom supply shortages forced the ANC (despite ministerial resistance) to legalise licence-free power plants of up to 100MW. That’s 100 times the previous cap. In response to the interview, BizNews received the below email from community member David Lipschitz – an expert in the energy field. – Nadya Swart

Dear Alec,

More government rhetoric, this time from Geordin Hill-Lewis, just before an election! The Western Cape had more than enough opportunity implement Feed In Tariffs between 2009 and 2011. I saw Ian Neilson in his office in 2013 to discuss City of Cape Town Renewable Energy and Tariffs and how their tariff structures were hurting the electricity industry, and telling CoCT consumers to go elsewhere. I also explained that electricity is an enabler for the economy and it should’t be a cash cow, although it can be, but it is part of industry and industrialisation and job creation. Neilson said that the City has its electricity strategy under control and would continue to change tariffs to meet its requirements. I said that just changing tariffs and doing nothing else would hurt the City and the Western Cape’s Growth Strategy, which it has done.

See for my comments on the Western Cape Government’s 2010 White Paper on Sustainable Energy.

Here is the full Energy Policy, Law and Interpretation, 11 video, Playlist:

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