Our community speaks out: ANC’s “what’s in it for me” policy

By Carmen Mileder

South African political analyst and historian, RW Johnson, offered insight into whether the ANC still has the will to govern. His article delved into the ANC conference of December 2022 – describing it as a farcical mess. Johnson explains how the conference failed dismally at achieving its historic role as “the parliament of the African people”. It involved major confusion, was embarrassingly unprofessional, showed severe reduction in party membership and involved the booing and interruption of the party leader. Further, it did not entail any discussion of policy matters. The BizNews Community has replied to this article – with a few interesting opinions. – Carmen Mileder


“Among SA’s political commentators, RW Johnson has no equal” – Incitatus

Ingrid Luyt took to the ‘comment section’ to state that “RWJ is to my mind the most astute of political analysts we have. The fact that he takes so much flak is an indication that he hovers right above the target in every piece he pens.” Luyt also added “although it has become ubiquitous to describe the ANC govt as a criminal syndicate, have we gone far enough in our understanding of all that implies?” and “even if the slim possibility of a win for a coalition in 2024 is realised, that is more likely to result in civil war, or multiple-front and likely tribal insurrections, than a peaceful change of Govt”.

Commenter “Oh Boy” replied to Luyt with “Whilst a tax revolt is a concept that many will agree with in theory, it’s unfortunately not a realistic option. Firstly no corporate CFO is going to put his ass on the line for a better SA. All it will take is for one of them to be arrested at dawn in his PJ’s , denied bail as a flight risk and everyone will be running to SARS to pay. Yes SARS can make that happen. Secondly SARS has the power to access any account and take what they are owed anyway – so the escrow tax account will just be raided. Revolutions of any description are driven by those who have nothing more to lose – corporates in SA still have plenty to lose.”

On the slim chance of a coalition in 2023

“The Passing Show” commented “What comes first “Peoples´ War¨ V2 or civil war? My guess is Peoples´ War V2, and if you haven´t read the book I would recommend you do. After Peoples´ War V2 there probably will not be any chance of civil war for a further decade or two because the ANC will develop the kind of control that Rumania´s Caucescu had.

I have zero confidence that a tax revolt can work. The ANC can easily survive on the proceeds of cash cows like the taxi industry, the rental payment flows coming in hard cash from the un-mapped and un-registered addresses of township populations. the cash flows from illicit tobacco and alcohol sales and from as yet undeveloped streams of income. And believe me, there are many.

Corporates? I come from that mileau and you can be sure that sector works on self interested logic and rationality; they will do whatever they have to to survive and to retain their influence and contact with whatever party happens to be in government – that´s what business does.

The real future…. the overwhelming majority of most minority groups will live in favelas.”

On the shameless corruption

“Noshitsherlock” says “The ANC has built a colossal corrupt monument which will not easily or painlessly be removed or reversed.
A significant proportion of our labour force has lost pride in its work ethic, and this needs to be re-buillt for long term success.”

Mark also added: “The ANC government has been described as the ‘biggest crime syndicate in the world’, but they are continually voted for. “Only in Africa will thieves be grouping to loot again and the youths whose future is being stolen will be celebrating it”….Professor Soyinka. Replace youths in the above saying with ANC voters.”

Rob Charlton says: “The uselessness of the ANC as a government and the unwillingness of black people to vote for the only party with practical policies for rebuilding the economy means that South Africa will continue down the road to a failed state where corruption, protection rackets and gangsterism become the norm.”

Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s president, on day four of the 55th national conference of the African National Congress party in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Monday, Dec. 19, 2022. Ramaphosa comfortably won re-election as head of South Africa’s governing party just weeks after a scandal threatened to derail his political career, and now faces an uphill battle to rebuild its flagging support heading into a national vote in 2024.

“Movingthegorgonzolaback” believes a “smelly future awaits.”

Our community is indeed up in arms and as “Chris” comments, “Democracy has led to disaster in South Africa because the majority of voters do not act responsibly.”

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