Mailbox: Thank you from a tranquil village disturbed – the unruly arrival of Chris Steyn and the impact on Clarens

From BizNews community member Garth Brook

A quick note:

All was peaceful, you see, in the Eastern Free State, With the sun’s daily rise and its gentle fate. Locals frequented their beloved watering holes, while maidens sought favours, exchanging glances and roles.

The Dominee, clasping his well-worn Bible, blessed those who’d pour a heavenly tot or two, a gesture they adored. But alas! BizNews disrupted this pristine village of Clarens, Unleashing Chris Steyn onto our tranquil grassy roads.

Unmuzzled, I tell you, my friend, this character ran wild and free, Disturbing the peace that once reigned harmoniously. Now we’re left sitting in the local bar counting screen visits of your programs on our cell phones. Like horse race bookies at play, determining who’s superior, will Bees, Sonja, or Roy, win they say.

No longer do we relish the local minstrel’s heartfelt song, As all becomes a numerical game, right and wrong. Chris, with unyielding charm, has captured hearts untold, whether married or unattached, her sway has taken hold.

We extend our gratitude for your team’s devoted grace, And the service rendered to this community’s embrace. Thank you kindly for all that you’ve bestowed,


Garth Brook

Speckled Bean

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