Mailbox: Quality of correspondents – A call for a balanced perspective on Israel-Hamas

From BizNews Community Member Ahmed Solwa

Are these right wing clowns the best you can do on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [not war]. These guys seem indoctrinated on the Western narrative on the matter [CNN, Sky, Fox-which are controlled by the Zionists and the neo-cons]

The decapitation of babies has turned out to be blatant lies, but was echoed by Biden. Tell a lie often enough, and people will start to believe it. Ditto Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Without condoning what Hamas did, what would you do, if you are literally born in captivity. Also, now everyone calls the ANC, freedom fighters, but at the time, Mandela was a terrorist.

I’ll probably be a millionaire for the number of times I’ve heard that Israel has the right to defend itself, But who is the colonizer?? Also, no Hamas in the West Bank, but over 100 Palestinians killed since last month. Over 300 before the conflict began. This extreme Right Wing government is the most brutal of any previous Israeli government.

Kindly broaden your horizons. Israel is an apartheid state. Accept it. Hundreds of world luminaries like Tutu have condemned it, but, racists worldwide will tell you, its a democracy.

You probably listened to Pink Floyd. Listen to Roger Waters, an outspoken critic. Why he has chosen his viewpoint, and how the Zionists are out to destroy him.


Maybe the recent bombing of one the oldest churches, by IDF, will remind people that there are many Christians in Gaza, and its not a Muslim thing.

Unfortunately, the Zionist influencers are very active here as well. Given the recent public utterances by members of the PA, and the visit to Israel by Gayton. Courtesy of their funders.

– Ahmed.

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