“I’m worried about our mining shares – they are rolling over a little” – David Shapiro

As is customary for a Monday, veteran portfolio manager David Shapiro unpacks the important investment matters at hand for the week ahead. Markets aside, David also shares his thoughts on electric vehicles, themes from the G7 summit and all things Magda Wierzycka. – Justin Rowe-Roberts

David Shapiro on the general level of the market: 

Our markets are doing ok. I think that we are holding up. We can’t ignore the underlying economy, the only thing that is worrying me is that we are starting to see our mining shares rolling over a little. Which is a bit of a worry because for us this is a big theme. Why it’s a big theme is a result of the themes that have come out of the G7 summit which is ‘clean air, Covid and China’. But the big story is clean air.

On Sibanye-Stillwater as an investment: 

You backing Neal Froneman. You backing that he makes the right decisions. Platinum and Palladium have run hard, Palladium particularly but it seems to be flattening out now. I don’t know enough about it. I don’t know if this move to electric vehicles in Europe particularly is going to have an effect on demand for platinum. I can’t see it too much and I still think there is going to be shortages of the commodity.

On Magda Wierzycka stirring it up: 

It was on the BizNews Power Hour that she said “I’m no longer involved, I’m handing it over” and we said “Please don’t go Magda, please don’t go”. In less than a month or two she’s back and stirring it up as usual and that’s Magda. Credit to her, she’s great. I love people like this, who stir things and ask questions. This new venture of hers sounds very exciting, where she’s going to try monetise some of the intellectual property at our universities, in other words help research.

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