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Lifestyle Living at its Best

St Francis Bay has become one of the most sought-out holiday destinations in South Africa and during the Covid pandemic, many families have chosen to relocate to their preferred holiday destination permanently. St Francis Village has remained intimate despite the annual tourist influx, ensuring that St Francis Bay retains its status as a destination like no other. As a St Francis Links Villas resident, you and your family will experience the beauty and peace of this special place year-round.

This is links living par excellence!

St Francis Links has a strong sense of community – where neighbours become friends and families gather to celebrate milestones. Quiet, access-controlled community living, where lifestyle choices abound, and estate amenities are all within walking distance allowing loved ones to freely explore their beautiful surroundings while still being secure in a controlled environment.

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Health and Wellness

At St Francis Links Villas residents can choose from an array of options to suit their specific healthcare needs and can tailor their level of care as needed. We’ve designed our on-site primary healthcare clinic, operated by Medwell SA, to meet the general healthcare support services of residents – starting from antenatal care right through to daily check-ins and part-time or full-time in-home nursing to ensure the highest level of care.

Leaders in Providing High-quality Holistic Home Healthcare and Wellness Solutions

Leisure Centre with fully equipped gym and 20 metre Climate-controlled Swimming Pool

A Message from Medwell SA – Executive Director

“On behalf of Medwell SA, I sincerely wish to congratulate the board, management and developer of St Francis Links Villas who have taken the initiative to focus on the long- and short-term well-being of existing and future residents of the estate. Collectively we recognise the need for the estate’s offerings to include Proactive Healthcare Services and the availability of Managed Care at home, should residents require such a service, and it is our pleasure to bring this offering to the Links.

The peace of mind to have care available when you may need it at any stage in your life is of interest to us all. St Francis Links already has the lifestyle, with a variety of service and hospitality options few estates have on offer. Medwell is excited to be part of this initiative in St Francis Links with the emphasis on a lifestyle with the option of support to enable residents to maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle in the comfort of their existing home and more importantly, existing community – should it be required.

Proactive healthcare and supportive short- and long-term care are becoming the preferred option of care in most new communities such as the Links. The St Francis Links Villas development is a lifestyle estate for both young and young at heart. We look forward to being part of this initiative and journey at St Francis Links and support the vision that Managed Care at home is the future and is the preferred option of care with the emphasis on proactive healthcare from antenatal to frail care.

I wish the developer and management success in this initiative and whole heartedly support the vision they have for the development. We look forward to contributing the success story and cannot wait to share with all what Medwell SA can offer.”

Gerhard Lombard


Medwell SA

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Introducing Medwell SA

Medwell SA specialises in providing managed home health and wellness services and the provision of holistic health care within lifestyle estates. Medwell SA works in conjunction with all relevant disciplines (general practitioners, specialists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, etc.) to form a multi-disciplinary team. Together we assess the medical history of the resident and provide relevant input to determine a care plan customised for every patient. The focus and methodology are to maintain independence for residents for as long as possible within the comfort of their own homes.


To be the leaders in providing high-quality holistic home healthcare and wellness solutions.


Medwell SA is a health care partner that strives to assure a care continuum by supplying health care services and supporting products in your preferred environment, enabling you to enjoy the best possible quality of life. We offer this through a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that assesses, treats, and maintains our client’s well-being.

Core Values

Compassion ensuring with empathy and dignity the continuance of quality of life at home.

Value ensuring a home wellness solution tailored to your personal clinical and financial circumstances.

Innovation pioneering a technology-enabled service and products to be compliant with and to optimise home wellness.

Integrity treating clients, partners, employees, and providers with respect.

Commitment being a partner for life – delivering dynamic, comprehensive home wellness services and products.

Quiet, access-controlled community living – where families and nature co-exist harmoniously together.

About the Business

The comprehensive expertise within Medwell SA has prompted the diversification of the business into other sectors which are interconnected with the primary care and holistic approach.

The main areas of business are as follows:

Managed Home Health Services

Our services include managed care at home, post-hospitalisation care, and care after discharge from rehabilitation facilities. Our services are provided to all age groups, including the elderly needing frail care. We aim to provide patient-centred care with an emphasis on the clinical needs and requirements as well as the personal needs of the patient and family involved. The joint expertise and knowledge gained over many years are the central core of Medwell SA. This heritage, unyielding commitment to professional integrity, and high-quality care ensure that Medwell SA is the

  • Primary health care service (clinic services)
  • Assisted living services
  • Managed home health care services
  • Management of care facilities (frail care and dementia care)
  • Intravenous medication
  • Wound care
  • Other single procedures

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Geographical Service Areas

Medwell SA has a national footprint with service centres throughout South Africa, and regional offices are situated in Centurion, Cape Town, George, Bloemfontein, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Key Business Features

Medwell SA are registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders South Africa (BHF) as registered healthcare service providers with a Practice Code Number (PCN). This PCN registration is essential and is a legal requirement for the option of payment by medical schemes for managed home care services where benefits are included. Medical scheme rules and conditions apply.

Medwell SA is well-established in the market, with a national footprint, and follows a multidisciplinary approach. Doctors, nurses and social workers optimise the health status and experience of our collaboration with various medical schemes with which Medwell SA already has exceptional working relationships, proven track records and existing contracts as preferred service provider.

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