Jaltech’s cryptocurrency baskets are the unit trusts of the crypto market

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ETFs, unit trusts and investment funds play an important role in the investment market. Their key value add is that they offer the broader investor market access to a wide variety of investments without the investors being required to have the requisite knowledge and experience when selecting the underlying investments.

For example, investing in an ETF means investors do not have to “stock pick”, they eliminate the need for an investor to conduct his/her own research, to stay abreast of the developments and movements of the market, and most importantly sell an underlying investment which no longer meets the investment criteria.

By outsourcing the investment selection and management process, investors are only required to select the investment themes to which they want to have exposure.

For information about Jaltech’s Cryptocurrency Basket, click here.

Within the cryptocurrency market “stock picking”, for most investors, is akin to gambling as the majority of investors don’t have:

  1. a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the various cryptocurrencies, blockchain networks, and related protocols necessary to assess their use case
  2. an understanding of what drives price, volatility, and long-term returns within this asset class
  3. the time or interest to focus on points 1 and 2 above.

Over two years ago, Jaltech took the decision to offer the South African market the first actively managed cryptocurrency basket. Jaltech’s objective was to reduce investors’ risks and broaden their exposure by offering two cryptocurrency baskets which include or exclude cryptocurrencies based on the movements and developments in the market. The inclusion or exclusion of a cryptocurrency(ies) is assessed against a clear set of criteria established by Jaltech’s team of cryptocurrency experts.

Jaltech’s cryptocurrency team is made up of three cryptocurrency experts, one of whom is Gaurav Nair who joins Biznew’s Ross Sinclair on the CrypTalk podcast semi-monthly.

For information about Jaltech’s Cryptocurrency Basket, click here.

Jaltech currently offers investors two cryptocurrency baskets which are tailored for investors who are looking for an effortless and convenient investment option providing them with exposure and diversification across:

  1. three cryptocurrency themes, namely digital currency (e.g bitcoin), blockchain technology (e.g Ether) and Defi (e.g Aave). – Jaltech’s Cryptocurrency Basket Is made up of 9 cryptocurrencies
  2. best-in-class, blockchain technology-centric cryptocurrencies – Jaltech’s Blockchain Technology Basket is made up of 10 cryptocurrencies

Investing in Jaltech’s managed cryptocurrency baskets have several advantages for investors, including, risk management, ease of access, portfolio diversification, and access to Jaltech’s experts and investment team. Through Jaltech’s managed approach, the goal is to give investors exposure to the highest growth potential cryptocurrencies over the medium to long term. 

Chris McCormick & Jonty Sacks – Jaltech Fund Managers

Jaltech offers investors exposure to the cryptocurrency market through two cryptocurrency baskets. These baskets are managed by a team of cryptocurrency experts.

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