FFM podcast ep18: Cracking the code; Bidcorp; Sibanye-Stillwater; T20 or Bazball?

Dive into the captivating world of fantasy fund management with the Fantasy Fund Manager Podcast. In this 18th week of the game, host Stuart Lowman from BizNews is joined by David Bacher, Chief Investment Officer, and Anthony Hall, Portfolio Manager, both from Corion Capital. Discover their strategies, insights, and experiences as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of fantasy fund management. Uncover the latest trends, stock analyses, and unconventional approaches that make this game a unique blend of learning, excitement, and calculated risk-taking. Join us for an enlightening journey through the world of virtual investing. Remember, each dawn of Monday is your chance to pitch your winning stocks. With enticing prizes awaiting, the game is on. Rally your comrades and head over to www.fantasyfundmanager.co.za to register—gratitude to our platinum sponsors, Sharenet, Terebinth Capital, ClucasGray Asset Management, and Money Better. And mark your calendars: Subscribe now to our podcast to keep your pulse with every riveting episode. Rest assured, the stock prices discussed remain spot-on from the time of the podcast’s riveting recording.

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Welcome to the Fantasy Fund to Manage a Podcast, where we dive into the world of fantasy fund management. I’m your host, Stuart Lowman from BizNews, and in this 18th week of the game, we’re joined by our esteemed guests, David Bacher, Chief Investment Officer at Corion Capital, and Anthony Hall, Portfolio Manager at Corion Capital. In this episode, we’ll explore their experiences, strategies, and insights into navigating the exciting world of fantasy fund management.

Stats and trends in week 18

As we kick off this week’s episode, let’s take a quick look at some stats from week 18. The most held stock remains NASPERS, which has surged by 2.34% this week. On the other hand, Sanlam, the least held stock, has gained 2.54%. City Lodge takes the crown for being the most traded-in stock, with an impressive increase of 5.59%, while British American Tobacco holds the title for the most traded-out stock, rising by 3.42%. It’s essential to note that these prices are accurate at the time of recording and are subject to change.

Game origins and progress

David Bacher, known as the brains behind the game, clarifies that the fantasy fund management podcast is the result of a collective effort involving sponsors and passionate investors. While acknowledging the team’s dedication, he discusses the excitement generated by players and recounts heartwarming moments, such as the enthusiastic winner from week 15. The growing participation, reaching nearly 4,500 players in the first year, is seen as a great achievement and a testament to the game’s popularity and appeal.

Insights and strategies from participants

Anthony Hall, with a commendable performance that has him positioned 22nd overall, provides insights into his strategies and tactics. He playfully compares his performance to David’s and mentions the competitiveness of the game. Anthony confesses that he’s not satisfied with his current rank and aims to catch up to the second-placed player, Brett Rubin. He reveals his willingness to take calculated risks in the game and explores unconventional strategies that deviate from the usual buy-and-hold approach.

The importance of risk and fun

Anthony highlights the importance of taking risks, comparing the fantasy fund management game to the world of investing. He explains that in the professional realm, risk management and capital protection are paramount, but the game allows for more daring and exciting decisions. He narrates the story of a colleague using quantitative models and notes how people from diverse roles have enthusiastically embraced the game.

Stock analysis and insights

Discussing market trends and specific stocks, the conversation shifts to discussing recent results. David emphasises the impressive performance of Bidcorp, which reported remarkable revenue and earnings growth, capturing market attention and appreciation. However, he warns about being cautious with high-growth stocks and their valuations. The conversation also touches on the dispersion of returns within the resources sector, with companies like Sibanye facing challenges due to production and operational issues.

Upcoming stock picks and sporting analogy

The podcast concludes with discussions about upcoming stock picks and a sporting analogy. Anthony mentions that Motus has shown promising results despite not gaining immediate market excitement. He hints at considering Motus for a potential rotation, while David urges listeners to stay vigilant over weekends for events that might impact stock performance. Anthony’s sporting analogy likens the game to T20 cricket, emphasising the importance of having fun and taking calculated risks.

Closing thoughts

As we wrap up this episode of the Fantasy Fund to Manage a Podcast, it’s clear that the world of fantasy fund management is a blend of insights, strategies, and most importantly, the spirit of fun. The participants’ experiences, strategies, and excitement illustrate the dynamic nature of the investment world and the opportunities it offers. Whether you’re an experienced investor or a newcomer, the fantasy fund management game provides a unique space to explore, learn, and test your skills in a risk-free and enjoyable manner. Until next week, happy investing and may your fantasy fund management journey be filled with successes and surprises!

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