Linebooker network and platform: The overarching Africa control tower for transport

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Linebooker, Africa’s largest freight platform, is the only total Freight Market Control Tower in South Africa. Connected to 950+ Transport companies, 19600+ trucks and 300+ plus customers of various sizes, Linebooker’s dedicated customer control towers all link up with Linebooker’s overarching total Freight Market control tower, ensuring quick market access, sustainable supply and +10% lower costs. 

Various customers have dedicated Linebooker Control towers connected to the Linebooker overarching Total Freight Market Control Tower, to give dedicated attention to the customer’s specific needs whilst being supported by the overarching Total Freight Market Control Tower network and platform technology for quick market access.

The Total Freight MarketControl Tower and Linebooker network is leveraged in several ways to ensure customers have consistent truck supply on same day order cycles plus cost savings on total transport spend over 10% at all current contractual customers. 

Once Linebooker has completed your transport tender through the Linebooker freight platform, customers integrate all their inbound movements, internal transfers and outbound transport in their dedicated Linebooker Customer Control Tower. This ensures optimal customer control with dedicated service and full transport supply, one vendor and a total saving in transport costs.

The critical benefit here is that all the dedicated customer control towers integrate with the Linebooker Total Freight Market control tower which ensures easy access to the whole transport market in minutes via the Linebooker freight platform.

Linebooker acts as a procurement partner for several industry leading businesses in SA and has successfully completed tenders for leading FMCG, mining, beverage, mega farmers and chemical businesses delivering truck supply of 99.7% and above plus savings in excess of 10%. 

Procurement teams can gain access to 950+ plus fully vetted and pre-approved transport companies and 19600 plus trucks in record time. Most businesses struggle to reach all transport service providers and find it difficult to notify and trace if transport service providers received and reacted on their tenders. Linebooker ensures enough supply and achieves the most competitive contracted rates with the best transport operators via Linebooker’s tender platform that is connected to largest network of transport service providers in Africa.

Post tender, Linebooker’s Total Freight Market Control Tower connects with a client’s specific Dedicated Customer Control tower and our expert operations team handles all operations with full visibility to the customer:

  • Transporter used and Lane rate 
  • Truck supply percentage
  • Savings vs pre Linebooker
  • Loads allocated vs taken per transporter
  • ETA and arrival time adherence
  • Proof of delivery submission and payment

Having access to Africa’s largest network of transport suppliers without the complexity of vetting and onboarding is more important than ever before and also acts as a Business continuity plan (BCP). 

Keeping supply chains moving and digitalising them to meet the emerging challenges of transport under-capacity and sustained demand is testing the most seasoned buying teams. Solving problems like:

  • Year on year transport cost increases
  • Not having consistent supply during seasonal periods
  • How to onboard 950+ transport companies without knowing which you will use and when
  • Inability to manage and pay a large number of transport service providers
  • Ability to flex supply chain capacity within days to service customer demand

What is your current fragmented transport process not giving you?

  • Get consistent supply of trucks on short notice (99.7% supply on same day order cycle) 
  • Save upwards of 10% on your total transport costs.
  • Immediate Access to the largest fleet in Africa 19600+ trucks from 950+ top Transport companies. 
  • Largest, most advanced, cloud-based, Total Freight Market Control Tower in Africa
  • No opportunity for favoritism or fraud related to transport operations (costing businesses millions annually)
  • Full transparency on direct transport lane rate and Linebooker service fees.   

The business model has been quickly adopted by some of the most credible brands and business in SA, and this explains why Linebooker has been delivering over 10% a month compounded growth that’s expected to continue.

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