Last Chance for a 125% Tax Deduction for the 2024 tax year

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Futureneers Launches 12BA Renewable Energy Partnership II: Harness the True Power of Your Hard Earned Taxes

In the wake of its first 12BA Renewable Energy Partnership’s outstanding success – achieving a R135 million total raise goal rapidly with R96 million raised in debt and equity from August to December 2023, and an astonishing R39 million 12BA equity in just the last four weeks – Futureneers is proud to announce the launch of its second 12BA Renewable Energy Partnership.  This launch is not just an announcement of a new investment opportunity; it represents the last chance for investors to claim a 125% tax deduction for the 2024 tax year, marking a critical moment for those looking to invest in South Africa’s renewable energy future while maximizing their tax deductions.

A Timely Investment: Be Part of the Solution and Leverage the “Last Chance for a 125% Tax Deduction” for the 2024 tax year.

Partnership II presents an exclusive R20 million investment opportunity that transcends traditional investment avenues by offering a platform for investors to leverage their tax contributions towards enacting real, positive change within the nation’s energy sector. 

As the tax year in South Africa draws to a close on 29 February 2024, Futureneers 12BA Renewable Energy Partnership II stands out as the singular opportunity for investors to capitalize on a 125% tax deduction

This critical moment invites you to not only invest in a sustainable future but also to make a tangible impact on our country’s energy challenges, harnessing the true power of your hard-earned taxes for meaningful change.

Why Invest in Partnership II?

Limited Availability:   Act now to secure your exclusive opportunity to make a difference with just R20 million open for investment on a First Come, First Served basis.

Unique Tax Benefit:  This Partnership represents the final opportunity for the current tax year to enjoy a 125% tax deduction, exclusive to Futureneers!

Inclusive Investment:  Catering to a wide range of investors, including those with lower tax rates and companies taxed at 27%.

Promising Returns:  Projecting an IRR of 21% pre-tax (13% post-tax), indicating significant returns on your investment.

Strategic Investment Minimum:  Engage substantially in this venture with a minimum investment of R500,000 (applying the sophisticated investor rules).

Flexibility for Investors:  An early exit option in year 10 provides liquidity and flexibility.  

Your Call to Action:  Secure Your Spot Today

With the tax year deadline approaching and limited spaces available, we urge you to take immediate action to join this transformative investment in South Africa’s renewable energy landscape.

[Click Here] to seize this last opportunity for a 125% tax deduction with Futureneers 12BA Renewable Energy Partnership II.

Join us in this monumental journey towards a brighter, greener tomorrow. Your investment is not just a financial decision, but a step towards meaningful change.

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