Zondo to urgently lay criminal charge against Dudu Myeni for revealing witness name #StateCaptureinquiry

Dudu Myeni, at the centre of the State Capture Commission’s investigations, is facing an interesting time ahead. Having invoked the ire of Judge Ray Zondo for unmasking a key witness, strictly forbidden by the commission, Myeni now faces criminal charges for her ill-considered, some may allege deliberate, exposure of Mr X that may threaten the life of the witness and his family. Zondo’s tough treatment meted out to Myeni follows his equally resolute stance against Jacob Zuma for the recalled president’s reluctance to testify at the commission. – Derek Alberts

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By Bernice Maune 

Judge Ray Zondo has instructed the secretary of the commission to file a criminal charge against Dudu Myeni for contravening the commission’s acts on hiding the identity of witnesses who have testified in-camera.

Myeni’s testimony last month invoked the ire of Judge Ray Zondo who said he was disappointed that she had casually revealed the witness who implicated her earlier this year. Known as Witness X, the man was a director in a company which transacted with Myeni on a regular basis.

Mr X had earlier appeared at the inquiry to testify about how he had ferried bags of cash, sometimes depositing R1m into the bank account of Myeni. The money was said to be meant for state housing contracts but found its way into the Jacob Zuma Foundation’s bank accounts.

Having testified in-camera with his identity protected because he feared for his life and that of his family, an order was granted for no one to name Mr X.

However, when questioned by evidence leader Kate Hofmeyr about the transactions, which also involved her son, Thalente, Myeni dropped Mr X’s name.

Zondo said Myeni had furnished an affidavit explaining her conduct. But it appears he wasn’t satisfied with Myeni’s explanation and has called for the secretary to prepare documents and lay a criminal charge against Myeni for contravention of Section 5 or reg 9 of the commission’s rules. That process will be taken forward urgently.

Myeni took the stand at the State Capture Inquiry to respond to allegations of corruption, bribery, fraudulent awarding of tenders and intimidation levelled against her by various witnesses. She is also implicated in being a key player in deals related to security company Bosasa and orchestrating the suspensions of officials at Eskom.

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