PANDA co-founder Nick Hudson on Dr. Fauci leaked emails

Pandemics analytics and data (PANDA) co-founder Nick Hudson was a guest of the BizNews Power Hour, outlining the hidden agendas that have been at play within governments and institutions since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nick Hudson on the Anthony Fauci emails:

I haven’t personally [read them] and I probably won’t. But I have a lot of people sending me what they discover as they trawl through them and it is quite astonishing. It supports what we’ve been saying all along, that Fauci is a fraud.

I’m not sure of the provenance of the reports, as to who did the asking and why. For me, we need to do a great deal of discovery, because what these emails reveal, is that Fauci knew everything we’ve been saying for a year – that masks don’t work, that there are available treatments that are successful in dealing with coronavirus, that asymptomatic transmission is not a thing.

He knew all this stuff. And from late March, he turned on a tickie and started lying. That timing was the same in the UK. [Officials] were speaking common sense, talking about the existing guidelines, spoke about how we should handle a respiratory virus pandemic. In that same week, when Fauci began turning, they turned.

I always point out to people, you need to watch the videos. They go from being commanding, in control and knowing what they’re talking about to sweating like pedophiles in a playground.

On the email from Glenda Gray to Anthony Fauci:

It’s very disturbing. In one line – it’s a fawning and artfully political single line email that tells you quite a revealing thing about yet another conflicted scientist. What’s extremely disturbing for me is it’s all these conflicted scientists – who have basically been lying to us for a year – who are in charge of determining policy, including approving these experimental vaccines and now recommending that some extraordinary proportion of the population should receive them – even though there’s been no solid animal trials or safety tests done on them for huge sections of the population.

For example, the trials did not include recovered individuals. We do not know anything about safety and efficacy in recovered individuals. We do not know anything about safety and efficacy in vulnerable people, because the trials only involved underweight or healthy people under the age of 65. There was no testing of these vaccines in elderly and frail people and no testing in children, pregnant women or lactating woman.

I’m just deeply concerned that the same scientists who brought us this absolute nonsense of masks, lockdown’s, no treatments, the novel virus and the deadly virus – which has all been exposed [as] complete lies – are also now suddenly the people who are declaring these vaccines safe and suggesting that 70%-80% of the population should receive them.

On the role of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

What’s obvious here is the enormous role of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as the second largest funder to the World Health Organisation. They have their claws into every single institution of public health in South Africa. All of these people you read about, they all have support one way or another – directly or indirectly – from the Gates Foundation.

I don’t believe that any of those scientists are in a position to speak out against the official line from the Gates Foundation. The World Health Organisation speaks almost with one voice when it comes to the Gates Foundation. So, we have a position of extreme institutional capture. Who is delivering the memo or the telephone call that gets all these scientists to change their minds overnight? I don’t know at this stage. It’s very collusive, very uniform behaviour and very strange.

On the silence of the media:

What’s probably more bizarre than all of this is, in recent weeks, there’s just been bombshell after bombshell. I haven’t seen mainstream media pick up the Fauci email links. I haven’t seen mainstream media talk about the ivermectin results – these trials that have turned out to be so wonderfully successful.

I haven’t seen them report about concerns around thrombotic events with the vaccinations or of Israel deciding that it was unsafe to vaccinate children, because there were so many instances of myocarditis. These are all enormous stories that are emerging, but our media is simply silent. It leads me to suspect that they, too, are in a position of being compromised or conflicted in some way, controlled by entities who do not want that news to come out.

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