Game on! The big life change that led SuperSport’s Cato Louw to the big-time

Nestled in the folds of the Amathole Mountains in the Eastern Cape, lies a little village called Hogsback. It’s famous for two things.

Firstly, its lush, dreamlike beauty is believed to have inspired the South African-born JRR Tolkien in his writing of Lord of the Rings. And secondly, it’s where Cato Louw comes from.

She’s the Cape Talk and SuperSport rugby presenter whose infectious energy and love of the game has won her fans and acclaim across the country.

Growing up in Hogsback, her connection to the faraway world was a radio that kept her glued to big-match action, and her childhood dream was to become a sports scientist and work with the Boks.

She studied at Stellenbosch, where her true passion shone through as a presenter on the campus station, MFM 92.6. That led to a slot on commercial radio and a change of career plans that suited her just fine.

Effervescent and upbeat as ever, Cato took time to chat with BrightRock about sport, change, and her great big passion project — life itself!

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