Zuma in Saxonwold AGAIN, BLF thug in Molefe car: Who needs more proof?

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma.

EDINBURGH — Two respected senior journalists and a union leader are among the South Africans who spotted President Jacob Zuma’s motorcade in the vicinity of the Gupta family home in Saxonwold last week. The sighting, reported on Twitter, has sparked speculation that the president was giving the Gupta brothers a briefing following an important ANC meeting. The South African president is widely believed to have given control of the levers of political power to the immigrant Gupta family, who have enriched themselves on the back of corrupt deals involving state funds. Also recently spotted was Black Land First thug Andile Mngxitama in a sporty red car, which Daily Maverick reports is owned by Brian Molefe. A former boss of state entities Eskom, Transnet and the Public Investment Corporation, Molefe’s name emerges wherever there is the smell of state capture and corruption. Molefe is linked to the Gupta family as is Mngxitama, who has been on the Gupta payroll to drum up the ‘white monopoly capital’ myth. Molefe claimed previously he was visiting a shebeen instead of the Guptas, which made him the laughing stock of South Africa as there are no shebeens in upmarket Saxonwold. Zuma, Molefe, Mngxitama and the Guptas have denied any irregularities. Who needs more evidence that these figures aren’t all connected in one big game of state capture? – Jackie Cameron  

By Staff Writer

President Jacob Zuma spotted near Saxonwold shebeen

Reports that President Jacob Zuma and his enormous government motorcade visited the Gupta home in Saxonwold have unleashed a torrent of criticism.

Reports on social media claim the president went to Saxonwold with a 17-car motorcade last Friday night, reports the Citizen.

It was reported that Zuma’s 17-car blue-light motorcade shamelessly checked in at the compound in Saxonwold, north Johannesburg, on Friday night.

Sunday Times journalist Qaanitah Hunter followed the motorcade, while journalist Justice Malala saw it, too. Malala speculated that the visit to the family was to report on how the ANC’s national executive committee meeting had gone.


“Although many users on Twitter were outraged at the news, some asked for proof of the motorcade, and found it suspicious that no photos or videos have allegedly been made available,” reports the Citizen.

The former Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa reportedly said he’d also noticed Zuma’s motorcade and a Tweet which appeared to be coming from his Twitter feed was circulated widely and published on the Citizen website. However, the Tweet is not visible on Shilowa’s time line.

Zuma, Molefe, Guptas and the BLF thug’s little red car

Pauli van Wyk of Daily Maverick writes: “Driving in a flashy red Audi owned by ousted Eskom CEO Brian Molefe, five members of the Gupta beholden Black Land First (BLF) rocked up at the Daily Maverick’s The Gathering: Media Edition on Thursday morning.

“F*ck off, you motherf*cking white b*tch,” said the “broke” Andile Mngxitama when Scorpio asked questions about the car and who paid BLF’s air fare. So the motherf*cking white b*tch poked around. This is what she found.

“Three different and unconnected sources confirmed that the red Audi belongs to ousted Eskom CEO Brian Molefe.”

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