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CAPE TOWN — If ever you’ve been tempted to feel sorry for NPA chief, Shaun ‘The Sheep’ Abrahams or thought he may just be caught between a rock and a hard place, read this and think again. It’s a hard-hitting reprise of his actions and inaction which render him eminently unsuitable for the job (so much so that the High Court recently set aside his appointment), by Director of Forensics for Justice, Sarah-Jane Trent. She literally takes him apart, politically-inspired prosecution for politically-inspired prosecution, and highlights the hypocritical and inconsistent nature of his decisions. She sums it up neatly by saying he’s presided over an NPA castrated in terms of corrupt government members and officials and their friends in the criminal underworld, whilst at the same time chasing down those exposing corruption. If Shaun Abrahams is the sheep, then surely the Zuptoids are the sheepdogs, herding him and his staff with trained political precision in whatever direction suits them. It’s the ultimate cynical conduct, conducted with blatant disregard for how obvious it is. – Chris Bateman

Chopped. High court rules NPA head Shaun Abrahams must vacate position. Click here for more of Zapiro’s magic.

By Sarah-Jane Trent*

Dear Shaun,

It is with shock that we read the following:

The above has to be taken into context when considering that your appointee, Adv Tori Pretorius, made a sworn affidavit in a matter involving trumped up charges against a certain Mr Paul O’Sullivan and used precisely opposite argument, in that he argued that in respect of the trumped up charges (being preferred by the disgraced fake advocate Mlotshwa), that Mr O’Sullivan did NOT have a right to make any written representations, until AFTER he had been arraigned in court. Have you even read what it says in the Constitution about everyone being ‘equal’ before the law? Either Pretorius is wrong or you are wrong, who is it?

Sarah-Jane Trent and Paul O’Sullivan. (Alec Hogg).

If it is you, which we now believe it is, than can you explain why Zuma has not yet appeared in court?

It is clear to us that you have acted against the public interest, in that your boss and Mr Michael Hulley have had years in which to draft a written representation. In any event, he has done a written representation before and it was rejected. Why should he get two bites of the cherry, when Mr O’Sullivan was not even given one.

Next we come to:

We at Forensics for Justice see this as a further extension of the Stalingrad Strategy being adopted by the criminals within the criminal justice system, to protect criminals in SOE’s, the government and the criminal justice system. We also see this as further evidence of the continued breaches of the PFMA, in that you and your accomplices have once again taken it upon yourselves to use public funds to perpetuate crime, by stalling the criminal processes. We reserve the right to intervene, or request those involved in the litigation, such as Freedom Under Law, to request an order from the court that you are held personally responsible for the legal costs for your fruitless litigation.

It is clear to us that the High Court have set aside your appointment. You therefore are wrong to appeal such order using public funds. Furthermore, your spokesman, Mr Mfaku, paid for out of public funds, made the following comment:

“Advocate Abrahams’ appointment brought much-needed stability to the NPA and, under his stewardship, the NPA achieved its best performance over the last two years, since its inception in 1998,” he said.

“The stability of the NPA and effective service delivery remain paramount for Advocate Abrahams, who remains committed to ensuring that the organisation continues to execute its mandate without fear, favour or prejudice.”

Mr Mfaku should be charged with fraud for making such a patently false statement and in this regard, since it has been ruled that you were unlawfully appointed, the following conduct was also unlawful:

  1. Referral to your accomplices in the Priority Crimes Litigation Unit ‘PCLU’, of the following trumped-up investigations:

In respect of Mr Paul O’Sullivan we record that this ‘instruction’ was unlawfully given post factum, some 12 days after he was unlawfully arrested and dragged off a plane to London with his two minor children, and subjected to four days of torture, in a case that was subsequently thrown out of court. In respect of the other persons named above you have refused, despite repeated requests, to supply the dates the matters were referred to PCLU. We suspect, until otherwise is proven, that such referrals were all unlawful, regardless of the fact that your appointment was set aside. In other words, even if your appointment was lawful, your referral to PCLU was UNLAWFUL and needs to be examined in a public enquiry. For that reason we have copied Adv Glynis Breytenbach, so that you might be held accountable by parliament, for such abuses of process.

  1. Your decision to drop the charges against disgraced Adv Jiba and Mrwebi.
  2. Your decision to appoint Jiba as the defacto head of the NPA
  3. Your decision to take the judgment regarding the reinstatement of charges against Zuma on review.
  4. Your decision to charge Pravin Gordhan with trumped up charges of fraud, which you then washed your hands of in a Pontius Pilate style move
  5. Your involvement in stalling criminal charges against the real criminals in South Africa, holding senior positions in government or State Owned Enterprises.

I now come to a matter that is close to my heart. Phahlane.

South African Police Service (SAPS)

As is common cause, Mr Paul O’Sullivan started an investigation in 2015, concerning serious allegations of corruption within the hierarchy of the SAPS, which implicated Phahlane, Moonoo, Mdluli, Ntlemeza and many other senior officials, as well as members of the underworld including, but not limited, Jen Chi Huang, Yusuf Kajee, the Bhana family, Lucky Montana, Radovan Krejcir and many others.

The gravity of the offences uncovered by Mr Paul O’Sullivan ran deep into the head office of SAPS and even into the offices of certain ministers. As a result Forensic for Justice came on board in 2016 and I personally assisted Mr O’Sullivan with the investigations. To date, we have, working with IPID and others, helped to uncover corrupt contracts totalling more than R6 billion, insofar as the police (Phahlane et al) are concerned, R4 billion in respect of PRASA (Lucky Montana et al).

When the investigations were at an advanced stage, both myself and Mr O’Sullivan were unlawfully arrested and detained, resulting in massive costs being expended on habeus corpus applications, and further extensive legal costs in defending ourselves on trumped-up charges. These false charges and arrest warrants were brought forward by accomplices of Phahlane who were ‘assisted’ by people under your command. Whilst Phahlane’s accomplices having been wreaking havoc in the country, in attempting to neutralise IPID, your direct reports have deliberately and unlawfully refused to prefer charges against Phahlane or any of his accomplices, despite the overwhelming amount of prima facie evidence. Indeed, you took steps to remove the decision making from court level, so that the decision could be taken by one of your lieutenants. It is clear that it was always intended that the criminals would be protected, whilst false charges would be brought forward at a speed never before seen, and without either myself or Mr O’Sullivan being given the opportunity to give a warning statement.

Forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan

Just google ‘Phahlane Keith Keating’ to see what your reportees have helped cover up, whilst abusing the Constitutional rights of good citizens.

If you wish to appeal the order of the High Court, as is your right, then the following logical steps MUST apply:

  • You should agree to pay your own costs in the appeal, as the public purse is already stretched beyond belief.
  • You should not use any advocate, that you have instructed to carry out any work for the NPA, in the past, thereby avoiding a conflict of interest.
  • You should provide a list of the private counsel you have instructed since coming to office, together with details as to which matter they have been instructed in and the cost thereof.
  • You should step down as NDPP, pending the outcome of your appeal and allow the vice President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa to appoint an ‘acting’ NDPP during your period of absence. It is untenable for you to stay at your posy for even a day longer.

You still have many years of working life, God willing.

We believe if you step down and move along now, you might be employable well into the future. If you hang on and continue abusing your office and wasting public funds, you will become unemployable. Worse still, you may be held jointly accountable for the cover up of criminal conduct.

See for the evidence.

Anti-corruption inaction figures. More of Zapiro’s brilliant work available at

In a nutshell, you have presided over a National Prosecuting Authority that has been castrated in terms of corrupt government members and officials and their friends in the criminal underworld, whilst at the same time they have been chasing down those exposing corruption. This is what you have done to the NPA.

Shaun, we plead with you, stand down now, and let the country start a process to rebuild the destruction have provided over at the NPA. If you cannot stand down, then stand aside pending the outcome of your appeal process, which is what an ethical person would do, and let the honourable Vice President make an interim appointment. It is clear it would be WRONG for you to determine your replacement.

  • Sarah-Jane Trent – Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) – is a director at Forensics for Justice. 
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