Paul O’Sullivan going for Eskom beneficiary, Trindade’s jugular

We are used to strong words by Paul O’Sullivan from Forensics for Justice when it comes to the beneficiaries of corruption in the Zuma years. But this time Antonio da Costa Trindade, the businessman who is accused of having received more than R4bn in Eskom contracts after allegedly paying millions in bribes, appears to have stepped on the wrong toe. This is after Trindade filed a motion in the Germiston court that O’Sullivan should be held in contempt of court and imprisoned until he complies with a court order. Trindade has hired what O’Sullivan calls “lawyers of the Portuguese mafia” to get the Forensics for Justice founder off his tail. O’Sullivan first wrote to Trindade telling him to pay back the money he allegedly stole from Eskom and subsequently opened a criminal docket on 26 June against Trindade. In July, Trindade tried to place a gagging order on O’Sullivan. An incensed O’Sullivan warns RHK attorneys that they are benefitting from the proceeds of crime and picking a fight with the wrong guy and says, if the National Prosecuting Authority does not prosecute Trindade, he “will pay Gerrie Nel to do it.” – Linda van Tilburg

With prejudice

From Paul O’Sullivan

The lawyers of the Portuguese mafia do not threaten me with jail and get away with it.

The problem with criminals and the lawyers that are paid with the proceeds of crime, is that they think they can set off on a wild goose chase in order to create a red-herring, to divert attention away from their corrupt client who has been found with a smoking gun in his hand, and their own conduct in living off the proceeds of crime.

In this case, you are all being paid by Trindade, a low-life criminal that has helped bring Eskom and this country to its knees. Put simply, you are propping up the last remains of the State Capture machine.

You people should hang your heads in shame for bolstering low-life criminals like Trindade, with your dishonesty. You all suffer that blinkered vision of not being able to see conflict, that is staring you in the face. For example, Kanerek, gets paid by Tubular Holdings, the recipients of the monies stolen from Tubular Construction Projects. Kanarek, gets paid by Tubular Construction Projects, the victim of the crimes of Trindade and Tubular Holdings. Kanarek then acts for the criminal mastermind of the crimes against Tubular Construction Projects. Tubular Holdings, Tubular Construction Projects and Trindade need separate lawyers. Kanerek also needs a good criminal lawyer now as well.

The reason I had Sarah-Jane communicate with Trindade’s ‘flexible’ lawyers, is because I DESPISE dealing with human beings that live off the proceeds of crime. Frankly, you people make my skin crawl. But you suddenly don’t want to deal with her, despite having done so multiple times in the past few months, so from now on you WILL deal with me and ONLY me, but I will copy her in on everything and will also copy my client and your client in on anything, I’ll blind copy the media.

The reason I copy your client in, is because I believe you are giving him completely duff advice, (so that you can squeeze more funds out of him) and that you will be the single guiding factor in the ultimate determination of the length of his prison sentence. Your conduct is what is known as ‘aggravating circumstances’.

Furthermore, since you have chosen to harass me, with your pathetic unlawful conduct, I will ramp things up and show you, like I showed many before you, that I NEVER surrender.

You think that having access to millions of Rand of stolen cash, will give you profits and your client an edge. Put simply, you are using stolen money to stop me from helping my client to expose your corrupt client. Well it won’t work, because I NEVER bow down to people like Trindade, or rotten lawyers like Kanerek.

Trindade’s conduct will simply hasten his journey through the criminal justice system, because your illegal conduct will back fire on him. When he gets sent away for the rest of his life, he will have the Kanerak/Hodes tag-team to thank for it, because I will NEVER stop pursing the criminal charges against him, no matter what he does.

Indeed, if the NPA don’t prosecute him, I will pay Gerrie Nel to do it, just to show him that picking a fight with me was a big mistake.

People that live off the proceeds of crime CANNOT threaten and cajole me into hiring lawyers, if I don’t want to waste my money doing so.

Regardless, I will beat you without lawyers and will do so soundly.

I will make it my mission to leave no stone unturned. You CANNOT claim you did not know you were in receipt of the proceeds of crime, as there is a long track record of me having repeatedly told you. I repeat what I have told you before, but you chose to ignore, the following extracts from Act 121 of 1998:



So stop using monies stolen from Eskom and my client’s company, to harass me.

The problem with unethical criminal lawyers, is that they try to manage their cases as a means towards an immoral end, in order to line their pockets and drive around in fancy cars and live in fancy houses. Big mistake, when they turn on me, because I NEVER roll over.

I am of the firm opinion that it is lawyers like you, that live off the proceeds of crime, that have helped bring this country to its knees. A show-down is well over due and I will not hesitate to expose you all for what you truly are.

Your lazy criminal client should have gone and looked at the court file BEFORE wasting money on stupid lawyers that live off the proceeds of crime.

I took the time to do so and your latest application will fail, dead in the water, malicious, and intended to create a red-herring to keep your disgusting corrupt client out of prison, and more proceeds of crime in your pockets.

Well it won’t work, because I don’t let criminals and dirty lawyers pull moves on me. Your time would have been better spent in preparation of a proper reply affidavit, not one that would be replete with further lies and dishonesty, put there by creative lawyers that live off the proceeds of crime.

You are therefore afforded an opportunity to withdraw your fraudulent application, (which by the way you have not even filed at court yet) before Wednesday next week, failing which I will ramp this thing up and make sure that this becomes the final show-down and you are all exposed for what you are; dirty lawyers that use criminal proceeds to stop the truth from coming out. It may keep the truth suppressed for a few weeks, but eventually the truth will out.

For the record:

  1. When I agreed in court to let you have the thousands of pages, which criminal lawyer Laurence (thinks he’s a hot-shot) Hodes requested, I believed that I would only be required to do so AFTER you sent the 23.12 notice.
  2. You sent the 23.12 notice and it was defective (because you did not identify a single document that I had referred to in my affidavit) and I replied accordingly.
  3. The Magistrate made it clear, as you will find out if you get into one of the cars paid for with the proceeds of crime (perhaps hot-shot Hodes will lend you his Porsche Cayenne, or his Bentley) and drive to the court, that I was only supposed to hand over documents referred to in my affidavit. I did NOT refer to any documents that were not attached to the affidavit.
  4. A reference to ‘thousands’ of pages of evidence, is not a reference to a document and, if it was, you have failed to identify that ‘document’.
  5. Furthermore, after discussing the matter with the DPCI and the SIU, I have been advised that, as soon as I handed those papers to them, same immediately became ‘privileged’ and therefore CANNOT be subject to discovery save for AFTER Trindade and his accomplices have been charged and the matter enrolled for discovery.
  6. There is no process that allows lawyers of corrupt criminals to get their dirty hands on evidence BEFORE the client has been charged.
  7. I was advised by the DPCI that attempting to get your hands on privileged documents that may or not be used to prefer charges against criminals, could even amount to the offence of defeating the ends of justice.
  8. No doubt Hot-Shot Hodes will know all about that, as he’s an ‘expert’ in that area, as was his father before him. In fact I recall nearly having his father arrested for criminal activity, when he committed crimes for Agliotti.

The final show-down is coming and will ultimately lead to Trindade spending the rest of his natural life in prison and will also (hopefully) lead to criminal cases against all the low-life lawyers that choose to live off the proceeds of crime. You should know that I have already reported you all to SARS, and FIC, for alleged receipt of the proceeds of crime.

My next step will be to have you all criminally investigated by the DPCI, for your offences in breach of Section 6 of Act 121 of 1998, in that you are knowingly in receipt of the proceeds of crime and have been for quite some time.

You dare to threaten me with jail. Criminals don’t send me to jail, I send them to jail. And the corrupt Trindade (and his low-ethics lawyers) will find out that I have NEVER been beaten.


Your corrupt client was ordered to turn in his reply affidavit long before now and has not done so. This is REAL contempt of court, not the fake contempt you are falsely alleging. We will be likewise launching an application for his commitment to prison.

I will no longer tolerate your disgraceful shameful conduct, in order to protect criminals and will go publish this mail.

Just like Bell Pottinger, KPMG, Bain & Co. McKinseys, Hogan Lovells, you all need to be shut down, and shut down quick, so that State Capture can finally come to an end. The last kicks of a dying horse, is all I see here.

State Capture is NOT yet over, its alive and well in the beings of Trindade, supported by Kanerek and Hodes.

  • Paul O’Sullivan, founder, Forensics for Justice.

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