O’Sullivan, with Koko’s help, puts Trindade, Eskom accomplices behind bars

Over the past few months ace crime fighter Paul O’Sullivan has been dragged into court by a corrupt Portuguese tenderpreneur and his expensive lawyers who even tried to get the Forensics for Justice founder arrested. In the early hours of the morning, it was Trindade and his Eskom accomplices who were put behind bars after being swooped upon by the SA government Special Investigating Unit. In this interview, O’Sullivan shares some surprises, including the fact he was assisted in this case by the much maligned former Eskom CEO Matshelo Koko – described by the corruption buster as “one of the best engineers in the country.” – Alec Hogg

A long and frustrating journey ended for Paul O’Sullivan today with the arrests of his latest targets – less than a month after he released the gory proof of how a crooked tenderpreneur had siphoned around R60m into the bank account of an Eskom executive.

O’Sullivan was forced to fight expensive lawyers hired by Antonio da Costa Trindade, including a senior advocate and part-time judge whom the ace crime fighter says insulted him on his way out of court.

The founder of Forensics for Justice says the legal profession needs to take a long hard look at itself, because large firms and supposedly respectable advocates often know that they are being paid by criminals – yet nonetheless proceed.

He is also waving a flag at banking group Absa, whose officials steadfastly deny having done anything wrong despite tens of millions of rand in corrupted cash being paid over the counter to Politically Exposed Persons.

This is a powerful interview, and one that will fill many South Africans with hope that the corrupt forces are being brought to heel. It is also notable for O’Sullivan’s praise of former Eskom CEO Matshelo Koko who played a big role in getting the arrests to happen.

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