Vusi Thembekwayo: Chop civil servants – it will be good for SA

Entrepreneur Vusi Thembekwayo has more than half-a-million followers on Twitter, many supporting the idea of #VusiForPresident. Watching this charismatic, super-smart, outspoken young man in action at the BizNews Thursday webinar with broadcaster Tim Modise, it’s easy to see why his followers imagine him taking up the role as the country’s most powerful political figure.

Among his contributions at the webinar, which looked at how to boost economic growth, was a reminder that SA’s civil service is bloated and inefficient. His solutions would be unpopular choices for ANC supporters, many no doubt among the country’s 1.2m in full-time civil service employment: they include to shrink, and even eliminate, provincial governments and other state departments. Get rid of the people whose sole task it is to read a memo before shifting it to an out-tray, says Thembekwayo.

You can view the webinar featuring Thembekwayo and other experts, on the BizNews YouTube channel, as you reflect on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s latest ‘economic recovery‘ plan, released in Parliament on Thursday. CR’s strategy includes hiring even more public servants, at least 800,000, in teaching assistant, construction worker, and community roles. ‘We have committed R100bn over the next three years to create jobs through public and social employment as the labour market recovers,’ Ramaphosa said of an approach used after wars.

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