Menacing Malema: why the kid gloves?

Julius Malema is known for stirring the pot of racial tension for political effect. He has told us he isn’t anti-white, which is why he hires white lawyers to fight his legal battles (for more on that, read: Malema and his ‘winning’ white lawyers in row over rejecting black lawyers: ‘EFF is not anti-white’).

His behaviour has entered a new league of nastiness, with a call to his supporters to harm police members at their homes. As my BizNews colleague Linda van Tilburg notes in her excellent report on Malema’s latest moves, his usual riposte is that his worrying words are rhetoric – but even Minister of Police Bheki Cele says he has gone too far.

The question is: why hasn’t he been arrested in connection with inciting violence against SA Police Service employees? Van Tilburg explores this issue with a range of experts, here: Threats of violence: Has Julius Malema, EFF leader, gone too far? A look at what’s next

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Letters to my in-box:

From Jan

The EFF (BLM) is controlled and managed by the ANC for obvious reasons. It is all part and parcel of the NWO strategy to destroy white civilization.

Unless you understand the NWO system you will not be able to understand what is going on in South Africa at the moment. I can forward a more detailed explanation of the NWO machinations if you are interested.

The ANC have been destroying the economy for the past ten years or more to implement their NWO agenda when the time comes and can be removed from power if only more people understand what is going on and why. They have been capitalising on people’s ignorance and succeeded thus far without anybody noticing anything.

I have given you a very short explanation of the NWO agenda:

The NWO demands that a financially independent, educated, civilised, disciplined and religious world be replaced (reset) in favour of a black financially dependent, vaccinated, micro chipped, brain washed future generations controlled by a police state.  

The ANC became the permanent authoritarian management agent for South Africa when the country was sold to the New World Order (Bill Gates and the USA billionaires) without the permission of the citizens. All the members of the UN are therefore not legitimate governments, and are serving and enforcing the NWO agenda to the detriment of their own economies and the citizens that elected them to parliament.  The New World order system is not what most people anticipate for the future of the world or their countries. It is incomprehensible that a democratically elected government will deliberately implode the economy through lockdowns. load shedding and corruption to close down most companies, causing untold poverty, hardship and starvation to reset the economy. Millions of unemployed people will be forced to take vaccines and micro chips to qualify for a living wage.

From Dries


I refer to Linda’s report on Malema and by implication, the EFF as a political party or rather as a Marxist-Lenin revolutionary entity.

Her report is of great interest and the same question is asked by the majority of South Africans.  One can come to a conclusion that the EFF runs the country because from their inception it was and is their goal to ensure South Africa is ungovernable.  Behind closed doors they are the lackeys of the ANC.  It is beyond understanding that the ANC and other political parties are ignorant to the transgressions conducted by the EFF and so without the required consequences as indicated by law.  According to the definitions as tabled by the USA, Russia and the UN, the EFF can be classified as a terrorist organization.  Why this option has not been considered already is unbelievable.

During the Inauguration of Nelson Mandela, a diplomat representing an African country and associate commented as follows:

“You will get your country back but only after nothing is left to govern.”  The particular country got rid of all the white farmers and had to import grain in order to survive.  Today there are a lot of SA farmers in this country and they are now in the position to export grain and their economy performs far better that that of SA.

 What might be perceived as a “coincidence” is that 40+ farmers were recently murdered in Nigeria by a group associated with Al-Qaeda.  According to Defenceweb there is no link to the farm murders in SA.  However, the results of hate speech, actions and propaganda by the EFF might well be to the contrary.  In countries like the USA, Russia and European countries, the EFF would have been banned.  But one recall the words by Zuma: “South Africa will solve her problems in the African way.”  And here we are.

 Kind regards and be safe.

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