Mailbox: Censorship denies the right to make informed choices

Claudia Dalebout has written to BizNews sharing her concerns about the effect of censorship of information and findings which diverge from views of authorities. YouTube has recently come under fire for using its misinformation policies to remove videos from the powerful platform. BizNews had a brush with YouTube’s censorship rules when a video was removed. It conveyed the views of Nick Hudson from PANDA, an organisation that has alternate views on the need for lockdowns and the scale of the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa. To quote Biznews Founder Alec Hogg: “At BizNews we believe our community has the right to see all sides of an argument, especially when it involves something that has so massively disrupted livelihoods and economies.” It is in this spirit that we’ve created access on alternative platforms. – Melani Nathan

Dear Alec,

It seems the private sector and medical aids also want to get involved with the rollout in SA… Maybe they should heed the information given by these medical experts… who have nothing to gain by putting out this info…

Due to the severe censorship of any real information… the uninformed public is not allowed to make a decision, based on facts… is this not a crime against humanity… withholding this information?

Concerned citizen of South Africa,

Claudia Dalebout

Nick Hudson’s keynote address at the BizNews Investment Conference, which was censored by YouTube can be found on the following platforms:

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