Open letter: Fix the criminal justice system post-haste!

Dear General Masemola,

Is South Africa a Mafia State – where the police are actively supporting the underworld?

Please find the attached letter for your URGENT attention.


Please bring this matter to the URGENT attention of Cyril Ramaphosa.

If we cannot URGENTLY fix the criminal justice system, this country is finished.

If we do NOT see rapid changes to what has been going on for decades, we shall start actively campaigning for change.

My actions have nothing to do with politics but having a police service that fails to get a grip of the level of corruption in its ranks, opening South Africa to ridicule in the world and spiralling numbers of South Africans being raped, murdered and robbed, is completely unacceptable.

To say nothing of the dire unemployment caused by rampant crime and corruption throughout the State.

Sadly, the State Capture Commission had an opportunity to do something about the captured criminal justice system, and chose to waste hundreds of millions and then drop the matter. Yet capture of the criminal justice system predicated State Capture. I say this because if the criminal justice system had been functioning, State Capture as we know it, could never have taken place.

Perhaps the best thing is for Cyril Ramaphosa to announce a judicial enquiry into the capture of the criminal justice system.

Ironically, Zuma and his accomplices tried to get me to renounce my South African citizenship and leave South Africa for good. They used threats of life in jail or to leave the country. They failed. Many South Africans do not have such a choice, they are here to stay and, like me, want the country cleaned up.

The police service is the best place to start.

Best wishes,

Paul O’Sullivan CFE

Member of the American Society of Criminologists

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