George Cocolas: Who is REALLY hypnotising the US? Trump, Biden, the media

Eyes wide shut: Biden, Trump, the media

By George Cocolas*

George Cocolas

From The Jungle Book movie:

Kaa, the python is singing to Mowgli in an attempt to hypnotise him:

“Trust in me, just in me

Shut your eyes and trust in me”

You’ve all no doubt watched it. The Jungle Book movie, that is. If you have kids you’ve definitely seen it 1,000 times as the DVD repeats itself endlessly. Your foot starts tapping every time you hear “The Bear Necessities” but what of that moment where it all becomes just a tad more uncomfortable. You know, that creepy moment when the lisping Kaa, the python, attempts to seduce and control Mowgli, using his mesmerising eyes as he engulfs Mowgli with his coils. Who hasn’t shivered (even subliminally) upon watching that scene in the movie. We are human after all – fundamentally a species that desires freedom and resists being forced or coerced into feeling powerless.

Well, the last few years I have felt like Mowgli. Almost powerless, being unsubtly pushed in a certain direction of groupthink by the MSM. But there is still some fire left in me. Damn it to Betsy – I must be either going blind or batshit crazy. Yes, that’s it. We have a winner – Batshit crazy it is.

Premium: Further reports reveal further ‘influence peddling’ from Biden family – Wall Street Journal

That can be the only rational explanation that I can think of.

Because the media is telling me one thing, but my eyes are seeing almost the complete opposite. I must clearly be in den-eye-al (I am a sucker for a bad pun).

I am repeatedly bossily informed by CNN, NBC, MSNBC and CNBC what my eyes are supposed to process. When last I watched Steve Sedgwick from CNBC European Squawk Box, he flashed his beautiful blue peepers at me (personally) and somehow tried to convince me that what I was watching on the screen was a huge crowd of protesters booing President Trump. Well, if a few straggly ugly liberal women with armpit hair and some emaciated soy-boys churning out their nonsensical ditties is a huge crowd, then he must be telling the truth. No? Or is he stretching it a little. For me, I would prefer to say that his version of the truth is as stretched as Madonna’s hoo-ha. You know, the one that echoes whenever her walker hits a charming cobblestone in lovely safe Portugal, where she hides (oops – lives).

Last night Biden’s followers tried to put together a car rally to show support. 15 cars showed up. And probably quite a few of those were gay guys cruising the streets for some action. (No doubt in a socially responsible way).

Meanwhile, Latinos for Trump in Florida somehow squeaked by with a minimum of 30,000 cars being driven by the very same Latinos that supposedly despise Trump and all that he stands for. Conveniently, the 2 largest MSM Latino TV stations practically ignored this event. It reminds me of that saying about the tree falling in a forest. If nobody is around, did it actually make a sound? Or to put it in today’s terms, if a Kardashian doesn’t live snapchat the birth of her North-by-Northwest child, was it actually born? Well then, clearly the MSM is avoiding even mentioning those trees that are crashing down all over the place. Or most likely, attributing the deaths of those fallen trees to some kind of conservative Trumpian virus. To the MSM (and other assorted perverts), I say, “Leave my Wood (he he) alone”.

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Same thing happened after the recent debates held at Presidential and vice-Presidential level. Following both the Trump/Biden debate as well as the Pence/Harris debate, an online televised poll on Telemundo showed that Latinos believed that both Trump (66%) and Pence (74%) smashed their rivals in the debate. Telemundo’s response was to simply erase the polls existence. Yup – just pulled it. Did not even try to blame an Uzhbek troll farm. Did not even try the usual “We were hacked” excuse. It just disappeared into the magical leftist ether in the sky.

Now that the “mostly peaceful” riots have broken out again in Portland, no doubt we will be harangued into accepting that we are merely watching a re-enactment of some quaint Leftist/Antifa welcoming ceremony (including fire-sticks) that somehow, just somehow, got a little out of hand. Come on Man, like Antifa, it is merely an “Idea” of violence…. Not the real thing, you silly sausage. At the time of writing the usually highly vocal NYT and other “esteemed” (chortle) news sources have somehow had very little to say about the toppling of Abraham Lincoln’s statue. The guy who freed all the slaves. The one with the rather fetching side-whiskers who is considered to be the father of all Americans. I await their missives of denial of violence, looting and criminality with glee. Oh, if only there were some other news item to distract the sheeple….. Hello Corona darling, you arrived just in the nick of time…..

So, what is the big conclusion of all my nattering?

Perhaps the polls predicting Trump’s demise are correct. Just like they were in the prelude to the USA elections in 2016. Just like the Brexit polls were, again in 2016. Not.

No thanks, I’ll believe my own evidence in trying to predict the future, and make my investment and life decisions accordingly. I have little doubt that the final result will be largely irrelevant to the markets – hooked as they are on money expansion and loose monetary policy as federal banks without exception magically print money out of their rear ends.

But, make no mistake. This election really is a clarion call on whether Americans of all stripes and colours want to live in a world that espouses the American spirit of capitalism, entrepreneurship, fairness and the greatness of American destiny. Or if they want to live in with their future with the Democrats’ alternative universe of extortion, socialistic, everybody-gets-a prize-path to nanny-state mediocrity.

Premium: Biden Jr may be Joe’s downfall, with reports of financial infidelity – Wall Street Journal

And since America is practically the only large country that fully protects free speech via its constitution, you need to know that this election will ultimately affect you personally. Or your kids. Or your pensions. Eventually. No matter where you live. No matter your current circumstances (unless you live in China or New-China (The United Kingdom) – where your future and those of your children is already controlled to the nth degree). Without consultation. As Jacob Rees-Mogg is prone to say…. “Nanny knows best”.

Open your eyes. Trust in me. It’s time to wake up.

Well, if you have been reading New York Post, BizNews and any other honest media sources, you will by now have seen the photos of Hunter Biden sucking on a glass crack pipe as if it were his mummy’s teat. Further photos to be released may soon show him sucking on something else. But, in truth, these photos were merely an aside to the main thrust of the article which documented the emails to and from Hunter Biden and his “associates” that have been extracted from a misplaced laptop that he once owned. To make matters worse, the contents of his laptop now reveal a staggering amount of information linking the enrichment of the Biden clan to Joe Biden’s vice-presidency. Joe Biden is revealed to have actively lied about his influence-peddling in Ukraine. Think about it. That is a treasonable offence. That is what they have tried to pin on Donald Trump for 3 years. And failed. The sheer chutzpah and dishonesty of the Bidens knows no bounds.

Predictably, Biden’s camp has issued a weak and pasty denial/non-denial and have retracted the drawbridges in an effort to spare him from the harsh glare of the truth. Or the sun…… he is becoming more translucent and ethereal by the day. I have seen kitchen curtains with more substance.

But it is the actions of the mainstream media (excluding Fox News) and the social media companies that is the most shocking, the most fear-inducing, the most disgusting. They are actively suppressing the transmission by, or indeed, the existence of this story to any of their users. Does that shock you yet. “HE who may not be named” has declared that you are NOT to be informed”.

This is no longer “Eyes Wide Shut” territory anymore. We have now arrived at the “Eyes Gouged Out with Blunt Instrument” platform. They can sink no lower. Can they…..?

  • George qualified as a chartered accountant with Arthur Andersen (oops) and then went on to become a rated sell-side analyst. He has worked for Merrill Lynch, CLSA and Banque Paribas. He now lives on the Athens Riviera with his husband and a brace of borzois and greyhounds.

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