Dave King’s first interview after his R706m settlement with SA Revenue Services

Over the past 10 years, serial entrepreneur Dave King and SA Revenue Services have traded insults, publicly and privately. They also flirted with settlements a couple of times – including once when King claimed to have a signed agreement but SARS said the official who concluded it was not entitled – and was duly suspended. … Read more

Joffe: Bidvest has war chest of over R14bn, twinkle in his eye when mentioning Natie Kirsh and Jetro

Brian Joffe is the closest thing South Africa has to Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett. In a quarter century, Joffe has built Bidvest from scratch into an SA-headquartered global conglomerate with revenues exceeding R150bn and EBITDA of almost R10bn. His genius, like Buffett’s, lies in the ability to efficiently allocate capital. This is part of the … Read more

Advtech is double the size with 5 times the profit, but only worth half as much as competitor Curro. Why?

Jannie Mouton’s aggressively expanding education business Curro must be the bane of Advtech CEO Frank Thompson’s life. Investors inevitable compare the two private education companies against each other. Advtech, the more established player, generated revenue if R881m and taxed profit of R72m in the six months to end June. Curro is much smaller – revenue … Read more

First 25 000 links in Knott-Craig’s dream of connecting every African to the Internet, no matter how humble their station

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It’s part of the growth process. Call it character building. But it’s not being knocked down that’s important. It’s how you come back. A year ago Alan Knott-Craig Jnr was flying high. Very publicly. His book, Mobinomics, offered a full frontal on his adventure at Mxit, a business … Read more