MIKE UPTON - Group Five

Group Five margins need to improve – CEO

Although Group Five has grown revenues sharply – revenue was up over 55% in the six months ended December 2013, compared to the previous period  – the growth in operating profit has been more modest. G5 reported that operating profit from continuing operations was up 27.5% in the six months ended December last year compared … Read more


SA should turn abandoned mines into an asset – expert

As attempts to rescue illegal miners trapped in an abandoned gold mine in Benoni continue, people are starting to ask what can be done about this situation. According to Cadiz’s Peter Major, there are over 6,000 abandoned mines littering the South African landscape – that means over 6,000 mines whose owners government is unable to … Read more

Getting a slice of African Growth: East vs West; Power vs Vincent; Investec vs Deloitte

This was a terrific discussion. And timeous. Entrepreneurs worldwide are becoming increasingly interested in the African growth story. Statements vary depending on who you listen to, but it’s common cause the continent houses at least six (most say seven, others nine) of what will be the world’s ten fastest growing economies over the next decade. … Read more

Byron Nichles

Delivering good growth in tough times – ARB Holdings shows us how it’s done

With the collapsing rand and the many challenges facing emerging markets, it’s not an easy environment for a company like ARB Holdings, which imports and distributes electrical products. yet, despite conditions, the company has managed to deliver really solid results – a 35% increase in headline earnings, double-digit revenue growth, and good cash generation. The … Read more

Craig Venter CEO of Altech

Giant Altech project to bring broadband to Gauteng masses

One of the areas in which South Africa is definitely lagging is in the provision of broadband internet access. Encouragingly, however, it seems that government has recognised the problem and is trying to come up with ways to turn it around. The Gauteng government, for example, has just awarded a R1.2bn tender to Altech to … Read more

Welcome to Sunny South Africa, the land of Entrepreneurship – NOT

Once you cut through the noise, there are some indisputable facts about the economic world we now inhabit. Old style jobs are disappearing at the rate horses fell to the side when cars started to be manufactured en masse. Big businesses are shamelessly investing in technology to replace people. Economies are growing again, but not … Read more