Pinnacle sell-off “overdone” – analyst

Investors have been dumping Pinnacle stock aggressively since it came out that a high-ranking director at the company attempted to bribe a high-ranking police officer in connection with an IT contract. Obviously, this is really alarming – we can’t have company directors running around bribing the police in a modern civilisation – but I’m surprised … Read more

Capitec confident on bad debts, pleased with banking revenue

If you’re a bank in South Africa today, one of the things that would be keeping you up at night would be anxiety around bad debts. Such anxiety is particularly acute at a bank like Capitec, which earns a lot of its revenue from unsecured loans to low-income earners. But, surprisingly, both Capitec and the … Read more

DAVID SHAPIRO: Pinnacle Holdings plunge; Capitec and Warren Buffett

David Shapiro has seen it all in his decades in the stock market and in this fascinating discussion he offers his thoughts on the crashing share price of one-time tech darling Pinnacle Holdings and warns why investors have to be wary of small cap stocks. He also expresses his opinion about Capitec ahead of our discussion … Read more

Gerrie Fourie, CEO of Capitec

After another strong year Capitec CEO sees lots more growth to come

Were he to cast an eye to the bottom of the African continent, the father of disruption theory Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, will discover at least two businesses well worth studying. Discovery in the medical aid arena. And Capitec in banking. The Stellenbosch headquartered bank today reported financial results to end February.  I had two … Read more

Famous Brands: Wakaberry founders hit jackpot after just two years

With consumers coming under pressure and retail sales starting to look softer, a company like Famous Brands has its work cut out for it to keep sales and earnings up. Famous Brands brands, which include fast food brands like Steers, Debonairs, Milky Lane and Juicy Lucy and more upmarket brands like Tashas, Europa, and Mugg … Read more

Naspers is cheap at the price – analyst

Naspers has run really hard in rand terms over the last two years, as the chart below shows. For South African investors, the huge share price growth looks a little intimidating, but according to Old Mutual analyst Phillip Short (great name for an analyst!), from a certain perspective, the share actually looks pretty cheap. He … Read more

SA facing widespread retail gloom as consumers cut back

For ages various economic commentators have been warning that South African consumer spending is going to come under pressure, and it seems like this is happening at last, according to Ernst & Young. There’s been every reason to anticipate weakness in consumer spending and, by association, in retail sales. Interest rates have started to rise … Read more


First Avenue’s Matthew Warren shares some juicy JSE gems

There really are some lovely companies on the JSE – good, solid companies, with reliable earnings streams, diversified customer bases, and excellent growth prospects. To take a few examples, consider Naspers or Famous Brands (both discussed in this interview). With its major offshore component, its dominant position in domestic broadcasting, its stable of great entertainment … Read more

How Metair plans to win the hearts of its staff (and avoid strikes)

Once bitten, twice shy they say, and Metair is living proof. After last years’ brutal nine-week strike, the auto industry is focusing on building good relationships with staff, creating a positive working environment, and hopefully avoiding another paralysing multi-week strike in the bargain. One of the things that struck me in this interview was the … Read more