Kyalami race track sold for R205 million

Kyalami Race Track went on auction yesterday – with much speculation going around that it would land up in the hands of a property developer, thereby destroying South African motorsport history in the process. But it was Toby Venter of Porsche SA who snapped up the track for a cool R205 million, just R5 million more … Read more

VW costs are out of control, says analyst

It’s not often that you hear that the German’s are letting things get out of control (well not since the late 30’s anyway). But it would seem that Germany’s biggest auto-maker, VW, has let its costs run out of control. So much so in fact that its profit margin was just 2.9% in 2013, compared with … Read more

Chrysler 300C (Photo: Quickpic)

Driven: Chrysler 300C

There are two things which make a car imposing. Size and its colour. Provided it’s as big as an aircraft carrier and as black as Ozzie Osborn himself, you have the making of a car that’ll scare people into the slow lane quicker than you can say “Radovan Krejčíř”. So when the new Chrysler 300C … Read more

Mazda unveils the all-new Mazda 2

[flagallery gid=1] Mazda revealed the all-new Mazda 2 yesterday, the Japanese manufacturer’s competitor to cars like the Fiesta and Polo. And I’m sure you will concur, from the photos at least, it’s a neat looking thing. No doubt the design team will say that’s because of KODO, something that means ‘Soul of Motion’ in the … Read more

FIFA snub Rosberg’s helmet design

FIFA ‘fair play’ and all that sportsmanship stuff seems to have flown out the window as a recent announcement revealed that the football governing body snubbed Nico Rosberg’s plan to pay tribute to Germany’s world cup victory with a special helmet design. Pooh pooh FIFA. MD HOCKENHEIM Germany (Reuters) – Formula One championship leader Nico … Read more

Ford launches new models into “untapped” Africa

(Reuters) – Ford Motor Co announced 17 new vehicles for Sub-Saharan Africa on Thursday, as carmakers jostle for position in one of the last major markets where potential growth remains largely untapped. The models, among 25 to be introduced by 2016 in a broader product offensive across the Middle East and Africa, draw on the U.S. auto giant’s global vehicle … Read more

SVM Qashqai

Meet the Nissan Qashqai that’ll outrun a McLaren

By Miles Downard * If I were to tell you that your average family SUV could be made to go faster than a McLaren P1, I’m sure you’d think I’d lost my marbles and should be shipped off to Tara Hospital for immediate psychiatric attention. Well, I hope you’re sitting down, because a company called … Read more

Which province has the best drivers? Definitive proof in pictures

South Africa’s best drivers are to be found in the Western Cape, with Gauteng ranked second overall, according to data from Discovery Insure’s road safety smartphone application. During June, the first month of the campaign 16.8 million kilometres of driving data was collected and analysed. The study has shown that although some 70% of users are male, … Read more

Tech stocks draw investors on smart-car innovation

The automotive industry, being relatively traditional in its approach, is about to get a big wake-up call as tech companies look to steal its lunch. That’s because they are taking giant leaps when it comes to integrating smart-phone-like technology into cars – and some go even further to create entirely smart-cars that can drive on their … Read more

Nissan Versa under investigation, possible recall coming

The world really is a funny place. Fifty years ago there wasn’t much concept of ‘health and safety’. The view was more along the lines of, if you do something stupid and get hurt, it’s your own darn fault. Nowadays though anything and everything comes with a warning label, explaining in laborious detail that your … Read more