SLR: Why COP26 is just another suicide attempt by the west

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) will be held in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, between 31 October and 12 November 2021. For almost 30 years, the UN has brought together nearly every country on the planet for global climate summits – known as ‘Conference of the Parties’ or COPs. In the lead-up to the 26th annual summit, the UK (as president) has been working with every nation to reach an agreement on how to tackle climate change. World leaders will soon arrive in Scotland, along with thousands of negotiators, government representatives, businesses, and citizens for 12 days of talks. In this article, Simon Lincoln Reader, a London-based technology investor and popular columnist at BizNews, says he’s looking forward to the conference, not for its potential to inspire, but rather for the “cringe and entertainment”. – Claire Badenhorst

COP26 is going to be an utter disaster

By Simon Lincoln Reader*

When it comes to the type of scam that COP26 will almost certainly mutate into within seconds of the formalities, I leave it to Mark Steyn’s summary of Durban’s racism summit in 2001: “there isn’t an issue in the world that can’t be made worse by having a big conference on it”. That theatrical blood libel was the most appalling thing to happen to Durban since Mike Sutcliffe; in less than a month, it will be Glasgow’s turn – a once-proud working-class Christian city, soon to be emasculated by pronouns and woke ablutionary and slam poetry – all in the name of “climate justice”.

Personally, I’m in it for the wailing, the massive cope, for the cringe and the entertainment: with the bar already set so high by some local lunatics called Insulate Britain (who superglue themselves to highways), someone is going to do something spectacularly stupid. And as long as they harm only themselves and hopefully one or two of their friends (ideally that clown Bob Ward from the pretend-hippy-but-actually-predatory-capitalist part of the London School of Economics), I can’t wait.

I’m not in it for the ‘inspiring’. Call me a spoilsport but I’ll be okay without being scolded by a Swedish oddball that’s just flown in on Open Society’s Gulfstream, or Bill and Hillary Clinton’s beautiful daughter Chelsea, attending presumably to explore how to make the Daily Beast even shitter than it already is, explaining how critics of Anthony Fauci-sm are responsible for diarrhoea storms in Burundi.

There is only one serious question worth asking of this spectacle: how did ‘conservatives’ get co-opted?

It started with Britain’s former Prime Minister and present sleazy crony capitalist, David Cameron. Never a true conservative, Cameron went to Norway to try and hug polar bears, leaving many people to wish something else would happen (“you’re not in it for the hugging, are you son?”). Then it infected far-flung parts of the former Empire, chiefly through Australia’s former Prime Minister, the slippery Malcolm Turnbull, before returning to Britain where it claimed its biggest scalp yet – Boris Johnson – whose treason makes Mr Meghan Markle’s surrender worthy of the Distinguished Flying Medal at the very least.

Johnson’s pivot to the Net Zero myth reveals what killed conservatism. Here is a man who once wrote a (relatively) amusing column for the Telegraph in which he frequently told the truth about the green blob – and all it took for the reverse ferret was a racy little number and possibly a call from Mark Carney, the C-grade economist formerly of The Bank of England: “now listen here, our friends in Davos have calculated that you have too many children for the salary you earn, that your ex-wife is going to clean you out – all of which will result in you being remembered as the poorest former Prime Minister in your country’s history… on the other hand, if you do exactly what we tell you…”

Providing the running commentary to COP26 will be the BBC, whose editorial policy on climate change was crafted in 2007, not by scientists, but by a group of corporate, bug-eyed activists. Just how is the BBC doing these days? Fine, thank you for asking – its new Director-General has just rewarded himself for more failure with a R1.5m earner on top of his outrageously bloated package – and it’s making a movie about its late in-house pedo, Jimmy Saville, whom it has described recently in a press release as being a “complex character”. Complex, huh? As ever, that was kind of the BBC – how many of us have been searching for a word to describe someone who nonces kids in a kids’ hospital – that someone gave him the keys to – before going into the hospital’s mortuary and noncing the cadavers?

The forum will also be another suicide attempt by the west, as identity has already been conflated with the issue of climate. Patagonia, whose suburban democrat dad wear is made by Lao children barely out of infancy, has already declared that “pollution is racial violence”. And whilst China will get off scot-free, it will be the white, Christian, entrepreneur Chad who emerges as the great culprit of this time – the single-use plastic killer of sea turtles using whole coal-fired power stations to pump his crypto. Look, they’ll gesticulate wildly, with the help of their certifiable friends at GroundUp and The Daily Moron, he’s already caused so much trouble by asking too many questions about the coof – and now he’s napalming orangutans! SO SEND MONEY NOW!

  • Simon Lincoln Reader works and lives in London. You can follow him on Substack.

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