Inside Covid-19: Desperation grows in hungry townships, but there is a way out; Guard of Honour for nurses. Ep 69

In Episode 69 of Inside Covid-19, worrying feedback on growing hunger in SA’s townships but with solid suggestions on how collaboration CAN overcome the unprecedented challenges; we hear from a hospital in Alberton where doctors and members of the community show their gratitude by forming a guard of honour when nursing staff change shifts; some tips from the way some businesses are successfully adapting to the massive disruption wrought by the pandemic; and rational questions from the tourism sector which is urging the SA government to drop irrational rules on domestic travel. – Alec Hogg

In today’s Covid-19 headlines:

  • South Africa’s new infections of the coronavirus fell for the sixth successive day on Tuesday, and at 4,456 are the lowest since the surge started seven weeks ago, on June 23. This decline pushed South Africa out of the global Top Ten on new daily infections for the first time since it entered this unwanted list in June. The decline in new infections dropped South Africa’s active Covid-19 cases below 150,000, a number that is now below a third of the total infections with over 360,000 people having recovered. The lagging reporting of mortalities, however, has kept South Africa in the global spotlight with Tuesday’s 345 recorded deaths the 4th highest of any country, only lagging Brazil, the USA and India. On total deaths, however, South Africa’s low mortality ratio ensures a modest 17th spot in the global rankings with 8,884 having died.