BizNews brainteaser – Ian’s Trivialus 11 Feb

Another toughie this week with some lucky guesses required to get past the 50% pass mark. However poorly I do – and this was another week where I struggled – taking on quizmaster Ian Woodrow’s questions expands one’s knowledge base. And that is always a good thing. Click here for the answers. – Alec Hogg

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  1. Lewis Hamilton announced that he’ll be leaving his racing team at the end of the 2024 season. A point for the
    team he will be leaving and another for the one he will join?
  2. Which island was the birthplace of Napoleon, a) Elba b) Corsica c) Sardinia?
  3. McDonald’s failed to achieve its quarterly sales targets for the first time in 4 years due to customer boycotts.
    What has caused this protest movement?
  4. What animal does the adjective apian relate to?
  5. Who had the original hit of, “When a Man Loves a Woman”?
  6. Which is the only animal born with horns?
  7. Which American ride hailing, food delivery and freight transport company has reported the first annual
    operating profit in its history?
  8. True/False – over 80% of new cars sold in Norway are electric.
  9. On January 22, a Ukrainian-born model, Karolina Shiino, was crowned Miss Japan causing debate over what it
    means to be Japanese in a still-traditional country. This week she gave up her title because a) She had an affair
    with a married man b) Her modelling commitments were clashing with the Miss Japan responsibilities c) She was
    upset by media reports that claimed she wasn’t sufficiently Japanese?
  10. The word “ghetto”, used today to describe a neighbourhood occupied by poor minority groups, was originally
    derived from the Ghetto district, set up in the Middle Ages to segregate and confine Jewish immigrants in which
    city, a) Toledo, b) Strasbourg, c) Venice?
  11. “To be or not to be, that is the question” is a famous line from which Shakespearean play, a) Othello b) Hamlet
    c) Macbeth?
  12. Albania has the highest rate of fatal shootings in Europe. Which country has the second-highest rate, a) Serbia
    b) Spain c) Sweden?
  13. In which country is the headquarters of the International Ice Hockey Federation?
  14. In an alphabetic (English) list of countries which is last? Bonus for saying which is first.
  15. Which number is greater, a) Grains of sand on all the Earth’s beaches b) Possible number of stars in the
    observable universe c) Atoms in an average human (70kg) body?
  16. The EU shelved its plan to halve the use of pesticides across the bloc. What brought this change about?
  17. Where is the Bridge of Spies as featured in the 2015 film starring Tom Hanks, a) Germany b) Russia c) Poland?
  18. What word describes a person who is fluent in several languages?
  19. Three out of the five Guinness-owned breweries worldwide are on which continent, a) Europe b) North America
    c) Africa?
  20. The word Bohemian is used to describe something unconventional. What is the modern name for the country
    that used to be called Bohemia?

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