BizNews brainteaser: Ian’s Sunday Trivialus 24 March

Quizmaster Ian Woodrow returns with another Sunday Trivialus for the BizNews tribe. Test out your knowledge below. Find the answers here.

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  1. Last weekend a sham election was held in Russia where any credible opponents to Putin were forbidden to stand.  Aside from the ex-USSR states, which five countries (3 for a point, all 5 a bonus) were the first to congratulate Putin on his victory? 
  2. At which film festival is the Palme d’Or the top prize?
  3. What two sports use mallets?
  4. A study in the USA, involving 20 000, adults found that the practice of intermittent fasting (restricting eating to an 8-hour daily window) may raise the risk of what?
  5. Which highly acclaimed author wrote six novels under the pseudonym of Mary Westmacott?
  6. This week the central bank of which country raised interest rates for the first time in 17 years?  Bonus for saying what the new rate will be.
  7. “I remember when rock was young, Me and Susie had so much fun” are the opening lyrics to which song?  Bonus for the artist.
  8. The results of the World Happiness Report – an annual survey covering 140 countries – were published.  Where are people the happiest, a) Finland b) Denmark c) Ireland?
  9. What was placed in the Earth’s orbit by the space shuttle Discovery in 1990?
  10. Which animal has the largest tooth in the animal kingdom?
  11. The name of which board game literally means to grope or scrape about?
  12. Wednesday saw the Equinox (Spring in the north – autumn in the south).  What is interesting about this day?
  13. In which country is the northernmost point of Africa?
  14. Brazil nuts are the richest known food source of which essential mineral, a) Magnesium b) Zinc c) Selenium?
  15. True/False – there are only 3 countries in the world that don’t use the metric system.
  16. Which European leader announced on Wednesday that he will be stepping down as his party’s leader with immediate effect.  Bonus for name of the position he served in between 2017 and 2020 as well as since December 2022.
  17. Which Spanish painter and sculptor once said, “Computers are useless.  They can only give you answers.”?
  18. What is the meaning of ignominy, a) lack of knowledge b) low or humble upbringing c) public shame or humiliation?
  19. A Man For All Seasons (1966) was an Oscar-winning historical drama starring Paul Scofield as which figure from English history?
  20. Goa, in India, used to be a colony of which nation?

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