South Africans speak out: “We’re behind ‘tell it like it is’ Hersov”

By Courtney van der Walt

In September last year, global entrepreneur Rob Hersov rocked South Africa with a hard hitting speech at the BizNews Conference – accusing Corporate SA of being complicit in ANC criminality and incompetence. In this follow-up, Hersov says despite the flack he has taken, he stands by every word in that presentation. But he says there are some bright lights on the horizon as the country heads towards an ANC-free government in 2024, naming Gayton McKenzie, Herman Mashaba and Chris Pappas among the rising stars.

As anticipated, Hersov shared his unfiltered perspective regarding the fragility and decay of South Africa and expressed his disdain for the ANC, under whose government he believes, “The criminals have taken over. The ANC is clearly past its sell-by date. It doesn’t deserve another term in office. And think about the ANC with this very cabinet and yet another term in office? Come 2024? We’re finished. This country is finished. The economy will collapse,” he said.

Hersov may not be everyone’s cup of tea – those that speak their minds with unabashed directness hardly ever are. However, when he talks…people listen. This is evidenced by Hersov’s interview with Alec Hogg rapidly going viral with over 80,000 views and over 400 comments on YouTube alone, all in less than a month. 

We took to social media to see what BizNews community members had to say about Rob Hersov.

The ANC Must Go Now!

The commentary from viewers was divided. Many community members vehemently agreed with Hersov that the ANC must fall if South Africa is ever to stand a chance. Others expressed disbelief and expressed positivity and hope for the country, with the ANC continuing for another term in 2024. 

Nebranding commented; “Being really positive but can’t underestimate the ANC, they will make SA ungovernable and more likely it’s going to take 5 more election cycles before we see light.

K16 said; “This country has tremendous opportunity; however, to unlock this we must displace the ANC. The electorate must end their toxic relationship with this criminal syndicate.”

G O’Neale fatalistically commented, “We are all in really deep trouble and I sincerely hope that everyone has future-proofed themselves as matters are going to get really nasty when the Bucket of Blood does finally spill over. This is inevitable. The Cape Peninsula will also be annihilated.”

Dean Deacon commented, “It’s ‘financially’ cold outside the ANC. The only solution is a complete revision of the one scrote one vote system and that’s not coming any time soon.Prognosis..SA is buggered.”

Al Hut sceptically commented, “You`re asking for morals from a communist regime. Lol no chance. You vote communist you get poverty”.

Charles Manning highlighted a practical obstacle to simply getting rid of the ANC. “I think it is oversimplifying to think that getting rid of the ANC will fix things. There is structural damage that will take decades to rebuild even with excellent governance. Just look at Eskom. What is happening now was caused by problems from 20 years ago. You can’t fix that overnight or even in 5 years,” he said.

Manning continued to say, ‘Even as I watch Mr Hersov on BizNews, l hope to goodness that he and the good people of South Africa, who can see a brighter future for our country, are at this very moment, behind the scenes, hammering out a deal with the leaders he has talked about. An agreement to rotate the leadership, if that’s what it takes, anything to bring about the profound change needed that would benefit South Africa going forward, post 2024. Set aside egos, this for the sake of this beautiful land. I for one would certainly return home.

Niven Sgobs added another voice to the growing number of South Africans who have lost faith in our country’s ability to turn around, commenting, “South Africa is already finished. There is nothing left to destroy. SA is deep in anarchy. It’s already too late.”

Ramaphosa – part of the problem

Multiple community members turned their attention to President Ramaphosa and his failure as the leader of the ANC. Ramaphoria appears to have dissolved entirely. 

MyThoughts commented, “Thank you for saying it out loud! Cyril is part of the problem! I have always said he is in cahoots with all the crooks!”

Prickly Pear echoed a loss of faith in President Ramaphosa, saying, “ Cyril is just the propped-up acceptable face of the largest criminal organisation in SA.”

Michael Hayman provided sobering forethought, saying: One of the major problems is Ramaphosa but unfortunately the drek that is available that the ANC will allow him to be replaced by, may be even a bigger danger.”

Rather the devil you know than the one you don’t!!!!! like the poor – the ANC will always be with you!!!!!, Matthewman commented.

Sam Lam took a swipe at both President Ramaphosa and his presidency, saying: “I named him Cyril Rampokker (Afrikaans for “racketeer”) from the beginning of his “presidency”. Another fool that did not become a wise man when he went to parliament, but a clown who changed parliament into a circus.

Telling it like it is

While there were a few comments reflecting scepticism of Hersov, the majority of community members showed substantial appreciation for his uncensored criticism of the ANC.

Lancewhinny commented, “​​Rob, I hope you get to see this comment! Thank you for being committed to South Africa and for your concern, to the point that you are working hard behind the scenes to change things. Like many other South Africans, I am not a wealthy person and watching all of the ANC abuses over the years has left us with feelings of desperation with nowhere to turn. I am greatly encouraged by your effort and I can only hope that others, with the means like you, will join in and help remove the ANC scourge and participate (indirectly) in getting many of them the orange overalls they deserve.”

“We need more people of influence working with this smart and articulate man to take on the villains who are ruining SA!”, said Colin Thomas

What are your thoughts on outspoken Rob Hersov and his uncensored criticism of the ANC? Share your views below.

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