Jaltech’s cryptocurrency basket

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Alternative investment specialist Jaltech, has tailored a cryptocurrency investment which removes the complexities, uncertainty and numerous risks associated with investing in the cryptocurrency market.

Gaurav Nair who is a co-founder and partner at Jaltech, says that “When we started to engage our 1000+ investor base we encountered a high level of anxiety from our investors, when considering investing in cryptocurrencies. Typically this was associated with the numerous incidents of grand scale theft by local cryptocurrency fund managers as well as the complexity and volatility of the cryptocurrency market.  

Jaltech’s solution was to introduce a cryptocurrency investment, which through a simple investment process, will give investors exposure to a select basket of cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are selected in accordance with criteria developed by a fund manager with a track record of managing alternative investments.

Gaurav says that “By making one investment, investors get exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies, reducing the risk associated with having to pick a winner and from suffering the losses of being exposed to a single poor investment. The key is to select an attractive basket of cryptocurrencies to provide exposure to this asset class as a whole.”

Jaltech believes that its team of actuaries have developed criteria which has filtered out the majority of the market’s cryptocurrencies that are either not well proven or have known security (or other) issues. This results in an attractive basket of cryptocurrencies that provides diversified exposure for investors.

If you are looking to gain some exposure to this diversified cryptocurrency basket, then click here to schedule a call with a representative from Jaltech.

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