Great CEOs have great intuition. What we can learn from gut feel (pictures).

Ever suddenly had the thought cross your mind that someone you love who is far away needs to speak to you urgently, and your subsequent phone call is well-timed? Or, there’s something you can’t quite put your finger on about a situation that makes you feel a little uncomfortable, and you learn later that a sinister move was indeed being plotted behind your back? Some call it a sixth sense. Others refer to their gut instinct. Whatever intuition is, if you experience strongly, listen to what those voices are telling you and take full advantage of where they are leading you. It turns out that this mysterious inner guide is very useful for making money – and avoiding losing it. It is flagging up danger zones and holding up areas that are ripe with new possibilities. Research suggests that CEOs with high intuition scores take their companies to greater heights than those who rely largely on their heads. If you think intuition is for the realm of pop psychology, take a look at this fascinating info-graphic. It was put together by Mindvalley Academy and is republished here on Biznews with their kind permission. You will see that a range of hugely successful people have relied on their intuition to great effect. It is behind the McDonald’s chain and helped Beatles legend Paul McCartney write a great hit song. – JC 




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