Daily Insider: Hain (+Williams) give Bain & Co real pain – banned for 3 years by UK

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Hain (+ Williams) give Bain real pain – banned for 3 years by UK

Proof that one person really can make a difference is this morning’s news that the American consultancy Bain & Co has been banned from all UK government business for three years. 

SA-born former UK cabinet minister Peter Hain has been on a campaign against Bain because of the firm’s destructive involvement in SA State Capture. The Zondo Commission confirmed that Bain facilitated the hollowing-out of the country’s once world class tax collection service (SARS). It conspired replace more than 100 highly skilled SARS managers, including the CEO, with compromised Zuma lackeys.

Hain and whistle-blower Athol Williams – the former Bain exec who was forced to flee SA because of spilling the beans – recently met with British Cabinet Office minister Jacob Rees-Mogg. The FT reports this morning the UK minister yesterday informed Bain that it is no longer welcome in the country’s public sector.

Ironically, Bain’s business in South Africa is booming. The firm has secured enough fresh business from both the public sector and corporates to expand into new offices. Eisch. Roll on 2024.

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