Angry SAs speak: Step aside, Magashule. Your time is over.

During a recent appearance at a magistrate’s court in Bloemfontein, ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule and 15 co-accused defendants were charged with a total of 74 crimes relating to money laundering, fraud and corruption. The trial has since been transferred to the High Court and postponed until 11 August 2021. The accused have also been released on R50,000 bail.

The wheels of justice are turning far too slowly for several South Africans who feel that it’s high time Magashule and his cohorts were brought to book.

In November 2020, after what felt like an eternity, an arrest warrant was issued for the former Free State Premier in connection with a R255-million asbestos roofing project. An initial investigation led by DA representative Leona Kleynhans found that the project was actually a money laundering exercise, and businessman Edwin Sodi was apprehended for his alleged involvement in the procurement of government funds.

“A whistleblower came to us with a lot of the information and said this isn’t right. It was a great big sack of documents that I went through. I put the whole thing together and realised it didn’t make any sense at all. The contract; it had different versions. That seemed to be highly irregular. Some of the invoices had been generated by the system of the department. It didn’t have a tax number. In the caucus, we discussed it and decided that we would try for an urgent interdict in the Bloemfontein High Court, to stop payments of that contract,” Kleynhans explains. 

“Our complaint against Ace Magashule, stemmed from the fact that at the time of our 2015 court case, the state legal advisor Mr Bertus Venter, had been seated in the office of the Premier, and that this office had been tasked with launching a legal defence on behalf of the MEC which the Premier had appointed. It is impossible that the Premier could not reasonably have known that his MEC had been dragged to court by the Official Opposition in the Free State Legislature.”

Since his arrest, Magashule has refused to step down from his position as Secretary-General despite warnings from the ruling party’s ethics body – the Integrity Commission. ANC policy requires members to leave their posts when facing criminal investigation. Magashule is one of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s biggest rivals and has consistently undermined his authority. It’s no secret that he also remains loyal to former President Jacob Zuma, opposing any and all economic reforms and anti-corruption efforts that Ramaphosa tries to implement.

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While Magashule still denies any wrongdoing, BizNews community members are baying for blood.

“When is the actual trial of this ANC turd going to start? This process is way too slow!” asks 

“IT’S ABOUT TIME!” cries 

Magashule Facebook Comment

Facebook comment

Oh dear – another lapse in judgement and another isolated incident! It’s such a pity that 99% of these ANC thieves make the other 1% look bad!”

“The ONLY party in the WORLD that has an ‘INTEGRITY’ party to deal with its OWN snouters – why? Because they are ALL involved!!!!!” says

“To even be debating if this disgusting crook Ace, should or should not step down, shows immorality on such a scale, one is left breathless, and on top of it, Pule Mabe, the ANC spokesperson, rubbishing the ‘Integrity’ committee in one stroke, by declaring Ace is going nowhere until the next NEC meeting next year! This is despite the NEC resolving months ago that all crooks have to step aside if charged with serious offenses AND the Integrity commission now demanding the same, yet, it will all be swept under the carpet. Just as one expects in this ridiculous banana African Republic,” says a disappointed Andrea.

The thought of our greatest criminal organisation – the ANC – having an integrity committee made up of people from that criminal organisation that I have never heard of brings a chuckle and a furrow to the brow. But who am I? This is what the people want!”

Magashule Facebook comment

Facebook comment

“Besides hoping that the Nkandla rapist meets his ancestors real soon, this acehole needs to be in jail, with Dodozana, Guptas, Moneyama, faithless Mutambi, Dodo Myeni. Oh heck, so many cadres to go,” comments

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rage against the shebeen warns that time is of the essence. “Jail the the crook now before he pulls a Gupta with all his ill-gotten gains! Surely there’s enough evidence to lock him up for life?”

 says, “There was ENOUGH EVIDENCE to lock ’em ALL up, which is why the ZONDO COMMISSION was brought in to DELAY the wheels of justice…”

Magashule Facebook Comment

Facebook Comment

“How can such a tainted man be in such a powerful position in the ANC? Well, he is their yardstick which is why the whole party is one big looting machine,” writes

“I don’t have much faith in our prosecuting authorities,” comments My champagne is still in the cupboard… will probably be vintage before Ace or any of the ANC elite wear orange overalls.”

What is your take on the matter? Share your thoughts by commenting below. 

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