Voetsek, News24 – Rob Hersov responds to ad hominem attack

By Rob Hersov

I have taken a few hits since my recent BizNews speech, more so from News24 than any other organisation, which recently included a puerile ad hominem attack by some unemployed Hilton Old Boy, who was encouraged to do so (and then viciously retweeted) by some person called Basson of that very publication.

By attacking me, the messenger, it is very clear that my message is getting through and is being supported by a vast number of South Africans.

Back-handed insults are in most cases, huge compliments.

My favourite recent backhanded compliment is from Gwede Mantashe who slated me for “not behaving like other businessmen”. Meaning: I don’t lie down and let the ANC walk all over me.

As a result, I am beaming with pride.

In the News24-manufactured attack on me, no slight was made on my message – which clearly means that what I was saying was on the money.

And my message is simply this – the ANC has failed this country. Cyril and his aging, out-of-touch and incompetent cabinet must be removed if we are ever to save this country from its nosedive. Do we need more evidence than increased loadshedding, road potholes in ANC-run municipalities, or the record unemployment rates?

We must vote the ANC out in 2024, and replace it with a coalition of the DA, ActionSA, VF+, Inkatha, PA and others, if we are ever to fix the economy and remove the ANC-sanctioned mafia state that is rapidly coming into being.

The ANC government is a disaster, and Cyril a spineless failure and disgrace. He will be forever known as the President who let the lights go out.

We need to all register and vote – and we need to vote for change. Or, in words even the ANC-pandering News24 should understand: voetsek, ANC!

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