Dr Jackie Stone’s persecution another attempt to stop ivermectin

Dr Jackie Stone is a frontline doctor in Zimbabwe who, throughout the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, always followed the all-important principle “first, do no harm”. However, as she used ivermectin and nanosilver to save countless patients, which led to the all but complete eradication of Covid-19 in Zimbabwe, she has been sidelined as a rogue doctor simply for doing her job. In September, Stone was found guilty on two of the four charges laid against her by the registrar of the Medical Council in Zimbabwe. In Stone’s reply to the Disciplinary Committee of Medical and Dental Council below, she asserts that her persecution is not about her, but rather the chance to stop the use of ivermectin and nanosilver by singling her out as an example of what dissenting doctors face when their protocol doesn’t align with Big Pharma-favoured guidelines. Stone has been praised for her professionalism and determination to go above and beyond the call of duty to care for her patients, as is evident from the attached testimonial from one of her previous patients. – Nadya Swart


Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph. – Haile Selassie 

This disciplinary hearing is not about me. 

This is about stopping ivermectin and nanosilver. The body of evidence supporting ivermectin is now overwhelming, and the Zimbabwean Bush Telegraph transmits what works. 

But if the doctor driving it in Zimbabwe can be disciplined and stopped, and better still, made an example of, perhaps the 20-30 primary care physicians who have watched this work and are using it, will be too scared to continue prescribing. Right now, despite the support of most of the Ministry of Health and many senior Government officials, more junior doctors will not give me their data because they fear what MDPCZ and MCAZ will do. We have had a delay of over a month in analysing our data as a result of the threatening letter that MDPCZ wrote to all doctors who signed the letter to the Permanent Secretary. And what happens today will determine whether a Landmark study comes out of Zimbabwe, that may save lives all over the world, or whether we follow the rest of the planet and succumb to the coronavirus.

The Registrar opened proceedings by saying we were there because of a complaint from the Biochemical Research and Technology institute. This is simply not true. And I have informed her of this in writing. The BRTI have made it clear that Professor Ferrand wrote that letter in her personal capacity, and without their knowledge or sanction. If council had been given all the letters I wrote to the registrar, addressed to the Executive Committee, you would be aware of this. The registrar has withheld information from the council and this Disciplinary Committee.

It was also clear from the words of your legal team when proceedings started on 26 March 2020 that the disciplinary council sees me as a public hazard who needs to be contained.  Please can you prove this? Show me one patient who has been harmed by my care. 

I have been painted as a rogue, a maverick, and a threat to public safety. I have been detained without reason, I have been treated like a common criminal, and my reputation and livelihood has been destroyed by MDPCZ acting on behalf of selected members of the Ministry of Health, and three malevolent doctors who have made it clear that they are determined to stop me. They appear to have colluded with MDPCZ to do so. Worse than that, the research has stopped. MCAZ and MRCZ now ignore me and will not deal with me because they believe what has been said about me. 

What I actually did was save hundreds, if not thousands of lives in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

I have attached a testimonial from Captain Karl Howard. Read it and see if your opinion about me changes.

This disciplinary hearing is not only being closely watched by the Zimbabwean public. It is being watched by all who support ivermectin – the FLCCC in the USA and South America, the “We can make a difference” doctors in South Africa, SAHARI, and Tess Lawrie’s group in the UK. They are doctors who I have worked with and who support collaboration for the common good. They have one thing in common which is their first priority: Saving lives.

A doctor who has looked at the data probably summed it up best. 

This is fundamentally a moral issue. You had the wherewithal to save lives; should you have denied that Rx to people just because the system was slow in making it legally available? That denial would have been morally and professionally indefensible – in my opinion.

“Doctor persecuted for saving lives?” It makes a good headline.

I look forward to a fair hearing.

Dr Jacqueline Carey Stone

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