Those guilty of the most heinous crime against humanity must be prosecuted and punished – Dr Rapiti on pandemic amnesty

Since Professor Emily Oster published an article in The Atlantic earlier this month calling for “a pandemic amnesty”, there has been an abundance of heated responses arguing there is no substance to Oster’s claim that contemptible pandemic policies were driven by benign ignorance or a genuine lack of knowledge; that amnesty without accountability is meaningless and in no way sufficient to start healing and move on from the atrocities of the last two and a half years. In this article by Dr EV Rapiti, largely known as a family physician with over four decades of frontline healthcare experience, Rapiti argues Oster “behaved like the typical poster girl for Big Pharma along with the Biden administration, Big Tech, social and the reprehensible mainstream media”. Rapiti, who was also shunned and mistreated by the medical fraternity simply for treating his patients with alternative medications such as ivermectin and speaking out against the reprehensibly false Covid-19 narrative, asserts that sorry is simply not enough and healing can only commence once justice has been done. – Nadya Swart

No amnesty till justice is done

By Dr EV Rapiti

Prof. Emily Oster, a professor in economics at Brown University, recently made an impassioned plea in an article that appeared in The Atlantic strongly recommending for amnesty to be granted to people who supported the vaccine mandate and attacked the millions who refused to be vaccinated on scientific and religious grounds.

The good professor was one of the people who regularly posted on Twitter and other social media platforms exhorting the general public to take the jab and supported the narrative that those against the jab were unpatriotic, selfish and recklessly risking the lives of others.

She strongly bought into the unproven narrative, doled out by the fumbling flip-flop Fauci about social distancing, masking and obsessive hand sanitation.

Dr Fauci was the man who called himself, very egotistically, “Mr Science”, who was infected twice after two boosters, four masks and strict isolation. What a dumb man.

Prof. Oster got so carried away by these untested policies and advice of Dr Fauci that she gloated about her innocent four-year-old child for screaming at another child for not wearing a mask on a hike.

She behaved like the typical poster girl for Big Pharma along with the Biden administration, Big Tech, social and the reprehensible mainstream media, like the Washington Post, to propagate the false narrative that this toxic gene therapy was safe and effective.

Her title of professor made her look highly credible to a confused, fearful and desperate public, who were cannon fodder for the heinous corrupt media, shamelessly churning out undiluted lies and embellishing them with quotes and comments from the most corrupt medical professors from once highly reputable universities.

The gullible public were so desperate for help that anyone with a title of professor was enough to convince them that whatever they uttered was the absolute truth.

Prof. Emily Oster must have gloated in the accolades that she must have received from the press, Fauci and the public for behaving like a true patriot on a mission to save the world. She must be a very disappointed woman today, if she has a conscience.

In her article, which she wrote almost 18 months after the rollout of the vaccine and 30 months since the plandemic was declared, she admits that she was misinformed and that many like her didn’t know the truth.

How convenient to use such a flimsy excuse because it holds no water, especially coming from a highly educated person like her.

One of the first things that she should know is that, being a professor in economics, does not give her the right to carry on like an authority on medical matters. She had no right to carry on like an authority, when her knowledge of the science of virology is no better than that of the lay public that she doled out her ignorance to on social media platforms on a regular basis.

Even though she was not trained in medicine, it did not stop her from listening to the different views on the subject from a number of highly trained virologists, like Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, Sucharit Bhakdi and specialists like Dr Robert Malone, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Paul Marik, Dr Pierre Kory, who gave us the truth about the dangers of this untested technology and the huge benefits of early treatment.

These highly acclaimed professors, who spoke with a conscience and a concern for humanity, informed us the wild type Wuhan strain had a 99.95% recovery rate. There was absolutely no need for the WHO to declare a pandemic with economically crippling restrictions like lockdowns, isolation, social distancing, masking and obsessive sanitation.

The media, like the Washington Post and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter made a concerted effort to discredit and de-platform these honest professors in favour of the lies spun by Fauci, the scientists from the FDA, CDC, NIH and professors throughout the world, who were heavily funded by Big Pharma and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who were spreading the misinformation she mentions in her article.

What shocks me is when highly educated academics are not objective about information that they are given. Rather surprisingly, the simple people in my practice and the very elderly without any tertiary education suspected, quite early in the plandemic, that they were being lied to by our government, academics and media outlets just by applying their critical minds.

These simple people were not vaccine hesitant, as the media and the stupid pro-vaccine lobbyists, like Prof. Oster, portrayed them out to be during social conversation and in the media, but the enlightened, who knew when something was not good for them and their families.

Instead of Prof. Oster saying she was misinformed, she must mention who misinformed her and how she was misinformed. She doesn’t mention in her article whether she was lied to when she was told that the vaccine was safe and effective and that ivermectin was meant for horses. It is time she spoke the truth.

She has the gall to say that both sides made mistakes. Really, Prof.?! How did those of us in the medical profession make a mistake when we warned you and the world this vaccine was not properly tested, was toxic, was not effective and that there was good, cheap, safe and effective treatment?

What this prof. fails to acknowledge is that the truth and honest doctors in the world, who were untainted by Big Pharmas’ dirty money, were pilloried, tarnished and abandoned by the mainstream media, social media platforms, and medical boards to freeze in the cold. Fortunately, these doctors did not disappear. They, like me, found alternative platforms.

Many caring doctors, who saved millions of people from dying of Covid-19, were deregistered by their corrupt medical boards or fired by their employers because they refused to punt the lie the vaccines were safe and effective and that ivermectin was for horses.

Did this prof. make one plea on behalf of these honest doctors who were shunned by the corrupt professors from her university and referred to as conspiracy theorists from Mars by papers like the Washington Post? No, she wouldn’t dare because she too will be fired by the establishment that has been shamelessly profiting from spinning lies to the desperate public about the toxic jab.

If she doesn’t know already, the vaccines were associated with about 7.1 million hospitalisations, 2.34 million severe adverse events and 2.1 million cases of irreparable myocarditis. The latter are sitting ducks for sudden death from a heart attack or an arrhythmia.

The 30,000 deaths reported on the VAERS system is under-reported by a factor of 41 times, which means the deaths from the jab in one year is more than 1.2 million in America alone, which is far more than the deaths due to Covid-19.

Eighty-five percent of the women lost their babies in the first trimester with little hope of having successful pregnancies in the future because the mRNA spike protein remains in the body for life.

What about the number of childrenborn with major deformities as a result of vaccine toxicity through the placenta or becoming extremely ill through the vaccine in breast milk of vaccinated mothers?

What about the thousands of healthy doctors, sportsmen and women who died from the so-called unexplained death in the past year after taking the jab?

What about the millions of honest health workers who lost their jobs after they saw the damage these vaccines were doing to patients and refused to take the jab, and the millions of police and law enforcement agents and pilots who were fired by the Biden administration because they were afraid to take the poison jab?

Millions lost their jobs, people ended up starving, sterile and homeless with absolutely no hope for the future and no compensation for vaccine injuries.

Does the professor expect these people to forgive and forget about what happened as if it was a small lover’s quarrel? From misleading the public with her posts, she is now dismissing the series as petty. What a gross insult.

Her recommendation for amnesty for the pro-vax lobby is an overt self-acclaimed admission of guilt for a heinous crime and is as bizarre as a serial killer determining his own sentence without being tried. We aren’t her fools by a long shot and she must remember that.

What happened is nothing short of willful mass-murder and genocide that was perpetrated by the most respected members of the medical profession and trusted world leaders. The crimes committed by these people are so huge that they make Hitler’s crimes look like a child’s tea party.

For the professor to dismiss this major crime as a mistake is displaying a sensitivity similar to an elephant’s skin coated with layers of impenetrable Teflon. It is a gross insult to all the people who lost their lives, children, breadwinners, homes, jobs and all hope, to ask them to forgive and move on. The pro-jabbers have their jobs, homes and lives to move on but those against the toxic jab have nothing but endless suicidal despair to contend with.

They have nothing for doing the right thing, professor. You owe them an apology and should contribute to their healing.

The atrocities of the past two years have been deeply carved in the memories of all those who stood up for their principles, for which they paid a huge price, not just for themselves but for justice for the whole of humanity.

No amount of compensation will bring back the life of a loved one, who died in the prime of his/her life because he was denied proper treatment. To say sorry is just not going to be enough.

I have to deal with families who are still hurting from the loss of a loved one or witnessing a healthy loved one become a depressed cripple overnight because no one wants to hear their story. Many are afraid to blame the jab because they will be pounced upon as being unpatriotic. Where does patriotism come into the equation?

These people deserve justice; they need healing. They don’t seek revenge because it is not the answer.

Families on both sides of the divide need to make amends and bond. Families have been torn apart by the false narrative that was spread by influential people like Prof. Oster and her ilk.

For the professor and all her media chums, there can and should not be any amnesty till justice is done. Anything less will be tantamount to legitimising mass murder, a situation we cannot and must not allow.

I appeal to the great legal minds of the world with a conscience, doctors who abide by their oath, honest world leaders, honest community leaders and religious leaders to come out of hiding and offer their services to ensure those guilty of the most heinous crime against humanity are interrogated, prosecuted and punished without delay. When this is started, we can commence with the process of healing to move on, leaving behind the past two years of gross atrocities as a bad and distant memory.

Dr EV Rapiti 13/11/22

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