BizNews brainteaser – Ian’s Trivialus 1 April 2024

Quizmaster Ian Woodrow returns with another Trivialus for the BizNews tribe to take a crack at. Give it a go and see how well you score. Find the answers to this week’s quiz here.

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1 April 2024

  1. On Monday, Israel fell out with its erstwhile ally the US, so much so, that it cancelled a scheduled visit (subsequently restored) of its officials to Washington later in the week.  What caused this rift?
  2. How many times has cricket been considered an Olympic sport, a) Never b) Once c) Twice?
  3. What is the technical name for the moving pavements used in airports and in some shopping precincts?
  4. Sam Bankman-Fried (32) was sentenced on Thursday for his role in stealing $11 bn from investors in his failed cryptocurrency exchange.  What was his prison-term sentence, a) 20 years b) 25 years c) 35 years?
  5. The word “limousine” comes from which language where it originally meant a shepherd’s cloak?
  6. Germany’s activities in central Europe in 1939 obscured the invasion of which country by the Soviet Union?
  7. Where in the US did a major bridge collapse early on Tuesday morning resulting in the loss of six bridge crew workers repairing potholes on the bridge at the time?  Bonus for saying what caused the collapse.
  8. Which animal’s eye is larger than its brain?
  9. In the US, Dustin Ebey, a teacher from Texas, has changed his name so that he may contest the forthcoming presidential election in November.  What has he changed his name to?
  10. Which food component has the most energy per gram:  a) alcohol b) fat c) sugar?  For a bonus, which of the three has the least?
  11. Jason set out with his Argonauts in search of which mythic item?
  12. The Ivor Novello Awards is an annual British award ceremony for songwriting and composing which has always required that the songwriter/composer be a British or Irish national. But which American rock musician, best known for describing blue-collar American life, was announced this week as the very first international recipient acknowledging his “impact on the UK’s cultural landscape”. Bonus for his nickname.
  13. What river flows under the Brooklyn Bridge, a) East River b) Hudson River c) St Lawrence River?
  14. Which Gilbert and Sullivan opera is alternatively titled The Tower of Titipu a) The Sorcerer b) The Mikado
    c) Iolanthe?
  15. For what piece of commercial design work (sporting goods) did Carolyn Davidson receive $35 in 1971?
  16. This week the US and Britain exposed which country as a source of cyber-espionage?  Bonus for the name of the hacking group.
  17. Correct the grammatical error in the following sentence:  The defendant’s explanation for his presence at the crime scene did not bear close scrutiny.
  18. Who was allegedly poisoned, shot and drowned in the Neva river in 1916?
  19. What is the heliosphere in astronomy?
  20. Which British actor won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his part in Spartacus (1960)?  Bonus for the lead actor in the film.

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