Expanded BEE rules set to bleed the masses – Anthea Jeffery

Setting things to rights without serious consideration of the cost of the present context will inevitably aggravate an already very pear-shaped BEE public procurement policy. That’s essentially what Dr Anthea Jeffery, Head of Policy Research at the Institute of Race Relations, is saying here about the ‘upgraded’ BEE requirements of the Draft Public Procurement Bill, now out for public comment. She juxtaposes intended broadened access to the estimated R950bn in annual state procurement of goods and services, with statements that directly contradict the skewed and hugely expensive outcome of BEE policies – made by the actual guardians of the fiscus. Something is seriously amiss when once again, we witness ANC policies that embolden and encourage inflated quotes and sub-standard services and products in the name of corrective action. Or as Jeffery says, making rules that ‘benefit the few and harm the many.” It’s almost as if there’s a deliberate double standard at play in government behaviour; on one hand appoint all manner of commissions to uncover graft, corruption and fraud that peaked in the Zuma years, while on the other enacting laws that create the perfect environment for it all to continue. One could almost say they’re choreographing a macabre ballet. First published on The Daily Friend. – Chris Bateman

More BEE rules to benefit the few and harm the many

By Anthea Jeffery*

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