Capturing the captors, no easy task – O’Sullivan wades in on IPID

CAPE TOWN — There’s no misinterpreting forensics sleuth Paul O’Sullivan when he says the appointment of the new head of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) Victor Senna, is “State Capture 2”. Or that political puppet masters’ intent on escaping exposure of their malfeasance, kicked out former IPID chief, Robert McBride. The simplistic version is that McBride was getting too close to showing that Crime Intelligence inflated by over five times the price of a spying device called a cell-phone “grabber,” in order to siphon off cash to pay for votes at the ANC’s Nasrec 2017 conference. It’s a beguiling claim, because it would explain the vehement ANC parliamentary opposition to re-appointing McBride – and fit in with the historic pattern of brazen Zuptoid manipulation of State machinery. But as always in South African politics, both McBride and his chief opponent, Police Minister Bheki Cele, have colourful histories, including brushes with the law. O’Sullivan whose forensic work has seen the backs of two police commissioners (including Cele), is wading into this messy fight with guns blazing. His quoting of the clumsy law establishing IPID is impeccable, exposing the mess the ANC can make of legislation and its seeming contempt of subsequent ConCourt rulings shoring up IPID’s pivotal independence. This is all about creating accountability in a decent democracy. – Chris Bateman

From Paul O’Sullivan*

Dishonourable Beukman,

The below is further evidence of your unlawful conduct, which we at Forensics for Justice WILL get to the bottom of, WILL expose and WILL put a stop to.

Law allowing for extension of McBride’s term of office probably unconstitutional – Daily Maverick

The Minister, who is currently TELLING you all what to say and do, has unlawfully appointed an acting head of IPID, Mr Victor Senna.

Cele has (again) committed an offence, thereby making a mockery of the ‘Independence’ of IPID.  You, and your committee by endorsing Senna’s appointment makes you all guilty of ‘accessory after the fact’.

Please read Section 8 of the IPID Act:

(3) A person may not be appointed as a member of the national office unless information with respect to that member has been gathered in an appropriate security screening investigation as prescribed by the Minister.

(4) The security screening investigation contemplated in subsection (3), must be done in conjunction with the National Intelligence Agency, as referred to in section 3 of the Intelligence Services Act, 2002 (Act No. 65 of 2002).

You should also read section 33:

33. (l) Any person or private entity, who interferes, hinders or obstructs the Executive Director or a member of the Directorate in the exercise or performance of his or her powers or functions, is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years.

Whilst the gentleman your corrupt minister has appointed, is no doubt a fine young man with oodles of professionalism, he does NOT have the required level of security clearance. Nor does he have a clue about criminal investigations and is therefore 100% NOT FIT for acting ED of IPID. But then the crooked Minister knew that, which is WHY he unlawfully appointed him, as part of his re-capture IPID project.

It is therefore clear that you people have acted with a common purpose with a corrupt minister, for the purpose of interfering with, hindering or obstructing the Executive Director. It’s time you all went to prison, and I shall do what I can to deliver that result, as I am tired of seeing my taxes being wasted on criminals in parliament. You people stood idly by whilst the criminal justice system was ‘captured’ and now you are participating in the continuation of that capture. It was a captured criminal justice system, that resulted in my systematic abuse of human rights at the hands of corrupt cops.

This is NOT something the people of this country will continue to tolerate and we are building a head of steam against this attempt at recapturing IPID, so that the criminal justice system can remain in the control of criminals.

Go ahead, read this e-mail out in parliament like you selectively did my last mail, whilst dishonestly claiming that I am intimidating you. Only this time read the whole thing out, if you have the guts or ethics to do so.

I will continue to ‘intimidate’ you as you dishonestly call it, until you and your crooked committee start complying with the law. I will step up the ‘intimidation’ until you are brought to justice.

After the elections, I just hope that you and your members are the ones to lose their seats, following my DESTROY ONE MILLION VOTES PROJECT. That’s assuming you have not been arrested.

My rights and the rights of all honest South Africans are reserved.

  • Paul O’Sullivan, CFE, Forensics for Justice. 
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