Best of 2019: Bosasa Files – Gavin Watson’s defence: Timeline and documentary evidence

First published 23 September 2019

The timeline of events at Bosasa compiled for the late Gavin Watson by his nephew, forensic accountant Jared Watson.

Much of the evidence in this document was due to be delivered to the SARS tax inquiry scheduled for two days after Gavin Watson’s body was found in a car wreck near OR Tambo airport just after 5am on August 29.

The Watson family has been unable to make sense of numerous issues surrounding his death.

Each line of the timeline below contains a link to documentary evidence – click on the link in the “Evidence” column to access:

Agrizzi and van Tonder Authorities 2006-2017 Resolutions showing that Angelo Agrizzi and Andries van Tonder could approve any transaction in the Bosasa between 2006 and 2017, with only their 2 signatures.
Given the above, Agrizzi has therefore committed perjury in lying to the Zondo Commission when making the below statements;
Agrizzi testimony see p386 “The company was owned and run by one person only and he would make the ultimate decision. As much as people would like to think that I could make decisions, the decisions were limited”
Agrizzi testimony see p386 “everything had to be approved by Gavin Watson.”
Agrizzi testimony see p 388 “So, you would have at least four to six signatures on a document to be able to get a payment through and to get an order through. So, it would require no less than two other signatures. So, you would need the originator’s signature, the person who is placing the order plus it would need two other signatures. One of which had to be the chief accountant and the director.”
Agrizzi testimony see p 389 “I was not allowed to do this on my own and it would require at least a second signature which had to be a director or Gavin Watson himself.”
Agrizzi controls Watson’s Email Account 2009 Emails showing that Agrizzi had set up an email account [email protected] with Leon van Tonder, which in fact was operated and controlled by Agrizzi.
Agrizzi would on occasion pretend to be Gavin Watson, and at other times show that it was in fact himself who controlled the account.
Agrizzi specifically said “no need to cc GJW all his emails come to me” on page 14
Agrizzi: Italian Businessman of Year nomination 2014 Agrizzi nominates himself for the Italian Businessman of the Year 2014
Agrizzi purports to be in control of Bosasa, referring to inter alia “the Group and its functional teams” being “under his leadership”, and Agrizzi commanding “the loyalty of personnel”.
This further confirms that Agrizzi lied under oath at the Zondo Commission when making the above statements.
Citizen Article on Giancarlo Agrizzi AUG 2014 Giancarlo Agrizzi starts a company, Indlala Group of Companies with 2 former WITS DASO Chairpersons (Both are current DA employees) as directors.
Luyolo Mphithi is the current DA Federal Youth Leader and Dikeledi Selowa is a PR Councillor in Tshwane.
Giancarlo Agrizzi says the company did not receive any state contracts, and he ceased work for the company.
Indlala LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn profile of Indlala Group of Companies saying that “both private and public sector have chosen to work with Indlala group”.
The profile further says that “when a company or state department is met with a crises, a team of specialists are deployed immediately”.
These statements are in contrast to what Agrizzi told the Citizen, that Indlala received no state department work.
CIPC Reg of GLZ trading as Indlala CIPC Registration document of GLZ (which trades as the Indlala Group) showing that the 2 directors on record currently of Indlala (GLZ) are Giancarlo Agrizzi and Luyolo Mphithi.
This is contrary to what Giancarlo Agrizzi told the Citizen, that himself and Mphithi resigned as directors.
Dikeledi Selowa LinkedIn profile of Selowa
Luyolo Mphithi LinkedIn profile of Mphithi
This demonstrates that both Selowa and Mphithi had been Democratic Alliance Student Organisation chairpersons when Indlala was formed by Giancarlo Agrizzi, and both remain employed by the DA today.
Breytenbach in Agrizzi study Screenshot of a video of DA’s Glynnis Breytenbach at Agrizzi’s home
Horn visiting Agrizzi Screenshot of a video of DA’s Werner Horn at Agrizzi’s home
Agrizzi purported to be close friends of high-ranking DA members, and then provided the videos from which the screenshots are taken of DA parliamentarians Glynnis Breytenbach and Werner Horn at his home in Fourways, playing with his monkey named Romeo.
Smith Requests Loan from Agrizzi 07/2015 News24 article where Vincent Smith confirms he was requested by Angelo Agrizzi to find work for his son Giancarlo Agrizzi within the ANC.
Smith then says 2 months subsequently to assisting to find work for his son within the ANC, Smith was given a loan by Agrizzi to assist with his daughters studies.
Agrizzi confirms Smith asked for loan Agrizzi admits to Zondo Commission that Smith asked for a loan from him, but Agrizzi says he would not have given a loan to him as it would appear “very obvious” coming from Agrizzi.
Agrizzi then instructed a Bosasa employee to deposit R276,000 in cash into Smith’s business bank account of EuroBlitz.
This payment, would appear to be in contrast to what Agrizzi told the Zondo Commission, that Smith would get handed R40,000 in cash monthly in person to conceal it, yet when Agrizzi wished to give Smith seven times that amount, he deposited it directly into Smith’s bank account.
The 2 accusations are logically inconsistent.
As such, it would appear that Agrizzi was both stealing from Bosasa, and attempting to entrap Smith.
Furthermore Agrizzi was clearly lying under oath at the Zondo Commission concerning this payment.
Wakeford cancels Giancarlo meeting 04/09/2015 Angelo Agrizzi requests meeting for his son Giancarlo with Kevin Wakeford as CEO Armscor.
When Wakeford became aware that Giancarlo Agrizzi wanted to “advise the department of defence” Wakeford cancelled the meeting.
Wakeford purports that Bosasa never attempted to exploit his position as the CEO of Armscor, however Giancarlo Agrizzi did.
In spite of the fact that Giancarlo Agrizzi was a university student at the time, Angelo Agrizzi requested that his son be allowed to advise Armscor and the Department of Defence on defence and security policy through his Indlala Group of Companies.
Indlala Group Webpage Indlala does indeed claim to offer “Defence and Security” services according to the company’s LinkedIn profile and website.
On the company website (since taken down), Ilizwe Defence and Security is one of the Indlala group’s companies.
The service offering of Ilizwe is defined on the website;
“Defense and security institutions (defense ministries, military commands, regional and national security organizations, and intelligence agencies) are under intense pressure to maintain a high level of security for citizens while substantially reducing expenditures. At ilizwe we help defense and security institutions meet this challenge. Our work in defense and security covers a wide range of topics. For instance, we help clients develop and execute strategic plans, analyze organizational behavior, explore new methods to improve operational efficiency, and redesign and implement IT infrastructure and systems.”
This demonstrates that Giancarlo Agrizzi was indeed purporting to have the capacity to not only be able to advise on security and defence measures at the time, but specifically to the Ministry of Defence, in spite of him still being a university student at the time.
Agrizzi has therefore deliberately lied in his affidavit submitted to the Zondo Commission.
News24’s Basson personal email to Agrizzi 13/04/2016 News24 editor Adriaan Basson, who has written many articles alleging corruption at Bosasa, sends an email of the draft of a proposed story for publication to the personal email address of Agrizzi.
In the email to Agrizzi, Basson appears to be asking for Agrizzi’s input on a draft of a story he was writing about the company SA Fence and Gate.
Agrizzi purports on numerous occasions that he has a close personal friendship with Basson since 2014.
This is confirmed in an email on 07 March 2018 that Agrizzi sent to auditors D’Arcy Herrman and recording made of Agrizzi on 24 August 2018.
Frans Vorster Attempts to Entrap Watson 05/2016 Frans Vorster’s testimony to the Zondo Commission where he asked Gavin Watson to sign a vehicle service invoice.
Vorster suggests they were attempting to entrap Watson at the time, saying this was “one of the lucky times we got a signature from Mr Watson.”
This document demonstrates;
1. Gavin Watson had no problem with signing documents.
2. Gavin would sign documents when asked to, including when Agrizzi was still at the company.
3. Given that Vorster suggests this was done to entrap Gavin, it demonstrates that Gavin trusted his staff when he signed documents.
Agrizzi R5m payment 04/08/2016 Agrizzi makes a R5m payment without knowledge or approval of the Board of Directors.
This payment is made around 2 days before Agrizzi departs Bosasa to accept employment as the CEO of a competitor company, the Compass Group.
Agrizzi 2nd payment to Smith 05/08/2016 Agrizzi instructs attorney Christo van Wyk to make a payment to Vincent Smith’s business bank account 1 day before staging his walkout to go to the Compass Group.
Agrizzi tells van Wyk the payment is for a vehicle accident.
It would appear Agrizzi made these payments to use to discredit Bosasa when he would take up employment at the Compass Group.
At the time of Agrizzi leaving Bosasa to go to the Compass Group, the catering contract with the Department of Correctional Services was up for renewal, and Agrizzi was threatening to take the contract to the Compass Group.
Petrus Venter email 22/08/2016 Agrizzi sends email to Bosasa’s attorney detailing discussions with Petrus Venter as to why Agrizzi left Bosasa.
The reason being;
1. Agrizzi was angry that Gavin Watson wished to enter into a venture in his private capacity without Agrizzi being involved.
2. Agrizzi wanted equity in Lamozest, and had yet to receive it.
The email from Venter confirms that the company Lamozest had been moved out of the Bosasa group to be able to incentivise employees who could not receive equity in the Bosasa Group.
Watson  asks Agrizzi to Return to Bosasa 22/08/2016 Agrizzi sends email to Bosasa’s attorney detailing whatsapp messages sent to him by Gavin Watson.
The messages deal with the shareholding in Lamozest that Agrizzi had requested.
Gavin also addresses the transaction that upset Agrizzi that he was not a part of, a deal to purchase 81 cattle.
This deal was never concluded in the end.
Gavin also says to Agrizzi “I have never questioned you operational ability and allowed you to run (Bosasa) as your own”.
Agrizzi perjury see p 387 This confirms Agrizzi’s authority within Bosasa, and is in contrast to Agrizzi’s assertion to the Zondo Commission that his “normal course of business and duties would include making operational decisions within constraints. I want to get away from this myth that I ran the company. I never ran the company. I had no aspirations, nor do I have any aspirations to run that kind of company, but I would still have to consult with each division.”
Agrizzi has therefore lied under oath at the Zondo Commission in making the above statement.
Agrizzi stipulates conditions of contract 23/08/2016 Agrizzi sends an email to Bosasa’s attorney detailing what terms he requires to remain employed at Bosasa and not take up employment at their competitor the Compass Group.
Agrizzi Agreement 25/08/2016 Agrizzi employment agreement finalised according to Agrizzi’s requests.
Agreement includes;
1. R10 ex gratia signing bonus
2. R500,000 per month salary
3. R5m annual bonus
4. Shares within Lamozest and Intellovate
5. Term of agreement to be for 10 years
Bosasa Director says Agrizzi stole R5m  28/11/2016 Agrizzi sends complaint to the Senior Administrator about director Ishmael Dikani, for calling him a “liar” in a board meeting in late November 2016.
This relates to the directors becoming aware for the first time that Agrizzi had made the R5m payment in August 2016, before departing from Bosasa, without the Board’s knowledge or approval.
Agrizzi requests share transfer 01/02/2017 Agrizzi sends email to Gavin requesting fulfilment of his employment agreement share incentives offered in Lamozest and Intellovate.
Agrizzi says “my role has always been much more than the mere Group Operations Officer”.
Agrizzi perjury see p387 This is in contrast to what Agrizzi told the Zondo commission, that he was merely an employee with “very limited influence”.
Agrizzi has therefore lied once more under oath to the Zondo Commission.
At this stage, the Board of Directors were aware that Agrizzi had made the R5m payment without Board involvement, and that he had decided to formally sue the Department of Correctional Services without Board involvement.
As such, Agrizzi’s employment was in jeopardy, hence he demanded shares be moved into his name per his employment agreement, in case he were to be fired before receiving the shares.
Agrizzi complains about board member 05/02/2017 Agrizzi emails Senior Administrator to reiterate his complaint raised in November 2016 that director Dikani must be fired for calling him a “liar”.
Board meeting addresses “reckless” Agrizzi 20/02/2017 Board of directors meeting called to address Agrizzi’s “Reckless Management”
see p87 Gavin Watson addresses his concern that Agrizzi has referred to the Board of Directors as dysfunctional.
Bosasa Chairman mentions that these statements create disruption and division within the group.
see p88 Various directors mention that Agrizzi has put the company in jeopardy by suing government, their biggest client.
see pg 89  Gavin Watson references off-site meetings that occurred between Agrizzi and the group’s external legal advisor where the decision was to sue DCS.
Gavin says that no such meetings off-site should occur in future where decisions are made without board approval.
Denise Bjorkman and Bosasa 21/02/2017 Directors become aware of Agrizzi making substantial payments to Denise Bjorkman & Associates, of which the board was unaware.
Director Denise Bjorkman is a personal friend of Agrizzi’s (and a current advisor to his company Crearis), and director Natalie Delport was a girlfriend of Agrizzi’s.
On 20 February 2017 the Directors address this with Bjorkman, who says there is no formal agreement between herself, as Denise Bjorkman & Associates, and Bosasa.
The next day on 21 February 2017 Bjorkman produces a Memorandum of Understanding, binding Bosasa to financial terms with her.
Denise Bjorkman MOU This agreement is backdated to October 2016 and is signed only by Agrizzi and Bjorkman with no other witnesses.
Denise Bjorkman invoice Final invoice received from Denise Bjorkman & Associates. Invoice is for R470,000 for the month of February 2017 alone.
Board also become aware at this time that Denise Bjorkman was not in fact a health professional registered with Health Professions Council of South Africa, while providing psychology services to Bosasa staff, and as such was not qualified for the role.
Board limits Agrizzi’s authority 24/02/2017 Board resolution signed to prevent Agrizzi from being able to bind the company to anything without the signature of Gavin Watson.
Previously Agrizzi could approve anything with just himself and van Tonder signing.
Emails confirm “reckless” Agrizzi 06/03/2017 Emails detailing the Minutes from the Board meeting on 20 February 2017, where Agrizzi’s “Reckless Management” was addressed.
Board addresses call for layoffs 09/03/2017 Board Meeting called to address retrenchment of certain staff.
see p115 The Director of Human Resources addressed the Board of Directors concerning a number of employees who Agrizzi gave massive salary increases to without going through the Remuneration Committee.
A number of employees were also employed by Agrizzi without going through formal recruitment or salary analysis with Human Resources.
A number of these employees turned out to be family and friends of Agrizzi.
see p118  At this meeting the directors also expressed their grievances with the group legal advisor, that Agrizzi; called for Gavin to “get rid of the entire board”, that Agrizzi lacked respect for the black directors, that Agrizzi had been running down the directors within the company, and that Agrizzi was working on his own agenda.
Agrizzi Drafts his own exit letter 10/03/2017 Agrizzi send email to Group Legal Advisor detailing the “farewell letter” he wishes Gavin and the Chairman to sign and send to all Bosasa staff.
In this self-adulatory “exit letter” Agrizzi describes himself as being solely responsible for developing the Bosasa business.
Agrizzi Drafts  Terms of His Exit Agreement 15/03/2017 Agrizzi sends an email to Group Legal Advisor detailing the terms Agrizzi is willing to accept for him to forfeit his previous employment agreement, which had included share options in subsidiary companies.
Agrizzi Exit Agreement 19/03/2017 Agrizzi exit agreement signed
Terms include;
1. A severance advance (loan) of R26m.
2. R150,000 monthly consulting retainer, for Agrizzi to continue to consult Gavin Watson personally on business issues.
3. Medical aid and pension to remain.
4. Gavin to meet with Agrizzi twice a month to exchange ideas.
Agrizzi Managing DCS from Home 27/02/2017 Emails demonstrating that Agrizzi was managing the operations of the DCS contract from outside the group while at home as part of his responsibilities under his “consulting agreement”.
Agrizzi instructs van Tonder to make video of Watson counting money 28/03/2017 Agrizzi testimony at Zondo Commission where he admits that he instructed van Tonder to take cash to Gavin and to record it, 10 days after Agrizzi’s employment was terminated.
Van Tonder Confirms Agrizzi Instructed Him Andries van Tonder testimony at Zondo Commission, where he confirms that he made video on the instruction of Agrizzi.
No context before or after the video is recorded, where van Tonder requested Gavin to count the money.
The video appears to be selectively edited.
Agrizzi Says He Would Ask Gavin What Cash He Required Agrizzi tells Zondo commission that himself and van Tonder would receive messages each Monday to ask what their cash requirement was.
Agrizzi then says that they would respond and say “well we need to check with Gavin, and we check with Gavin and then let him know what the order would be.”
Van Tonder Whatsapp Messages 06-Feb-17 WhatsApp messages sent by Andries van Tonder requesting cash for Bosasa.
The WhatsApp messages demonstrate that the name “Gavin” is not mentioned once in over 50 messages over the period February to April 2017.
Subsequent to the video being recorded by Andries van Tonder on 28 March 2017, van Tonder then mentions the name Gavin in his first communications subsequent to the video recording, on 10 April 2017.
April 2017 The name “Gavin” is then mentioned by van Tonder 18 times over the period April to July 2017 (after which the messages stop) in almost every message sent by van Tonder.
This appears to show the intention of van Tonder to create “evidence” against Gavin, subsequent to Agrizzi instructing van Tonder to make the video.
Furthermore, this demonstrates that Agrizzi lied under oath to the Zondo Commission in making his statement above.
Van Tonder confirms Watson knew nothing about SUI case Oct 2017 Transcription of recording made by Andries van Tonder.
In the recording the Bosasa Chairman mentions that Agrizzi is aggrieved for appearing as a suspect in the SIU report, and that Gavin is not.
To this Frans Vorster responds “But Gavin would not appear, because Gavin was never involved.”
Letter from Agrizzi Attorney 15/12/2017 Attorneys letter received from the team of; Agrizzi, Andries and Leon van Tonder and Vorster detailing how they, in their capacity as Crearis, wish to take over the DCS contract from Bosasa.
The rationale given by the team was that the contract was no longer profitable under the management of Bosasa, and it would benefit all parties if the contract were ceded to them as Crearis.
Venter Confirms Agrizzi Desire for DCS contract Peet Venter confirms in his testimony to the Zondo Commission that Agrizzi, Andries and Leon van Tonder, and Vorster wanted to takeover the DCS contract from Bosasa.
Venter confirms that Agrizzi had offered to remunerate Venter from proceeds from the DCS contract, if Venter would sign an affidavit against Bosasa and Gavin.
Venter Signs Affidavit 3 Days after Crearis Offer Rejected Venter Tells Zondo Commission, Agrizzi prepared an affidavit and asked Venter to sign it on 18 December 2017, 3 days after Agrizzi’s request to takeover DCS contract was rejected.
Agrizzi prepares Affidavit for Venter 18/12/2017 Affidavit prepared by Agrizzi and emailed to Venter who signs it.
Venter says that Agrizzi threatened him to sign the affidavit as Agrizzi knew Venter had been stealing from Bosasa.
D’Arcy Herrman confirms Van Tonder accusations 22/12/2017 Bosasa auditors D’Arcy Herrman confirm that van Tonder sent them WhatsApp messages on 22 December 2017 making accusations about Bosasa.
These messages are sent by van Tonder 7 days after the request from Agrizzi and van Tonder’s attorney, to takeover DCS, was rejected.
Board Meeting with Auditors 08/02/2018 Board meeting called where Auditors addressed the messages sent by van Tonder, and that additional audit work would need to be performed to pass an audit opinion on the financial statements.
Agrizzi Request for Bosasa to Cede DCS Contract to his Crearis 16/01/2018 Email sent from Agrizzi to Group Legal Advisor, detailing that Crearis had met with DCS officials in providing assistance in moving the DCS contract from Bosasa to Crearis.
Agrizzi suggests that he met with the Minister of Correctional Services who was assisting him, and Agrizzi requested a mandate from Bosasa to cede the contract.
Agrizzi Drafts Letter on Behalf of DCS 16/01/2018 Agrizzi sends a email to the Group Legal Advisor detailing a “letter” that will be sent to AGO Board by the Department of Correctional Services.
The letter purports that the Department welcomes the opportunity for AGO to cede its contract to Crearis, Agrizzi’s company.
Crearis leadership all ex-Bosasa Leadership structure of Crearis from company website. (Website since taken down)
The full management team of Crearis is comprised of ex-Bosasa employees.
see p199 On Agrizzi’s profile, Agrizzi says “that he developed (African Global) from a greenfield operational unit employing only 322 people to a multinational group with 6,515 employees.”
Denise Bjorkman is also listed an on the Crearis “Advisory Board”.
Agrizzi Tells Zondo NUM leader bribed Agrizzi tells Zondo Commission a NUM union leader was paid to obtain the Goldfields tender for Bosasa.
Agrizzi Email to D’Arcy Herrman 07/03/2018 Agrizzi sends an email to AGO Auditors making disparaging remarks about the company.
N1 In this email Agrizzi suggests that his association with mine management was the reason Bosasa secured the Goldfields contract, in contrast to what he told the Zondo Commission above about Gavin paying NUM leaders to get the contract.
As such Agrizzi lied under oath to the Zondo Commission in making his remarks on page 208.
see p210 N2 Agrizzi says by 2004 his responsibilities were already; Human Resources, Procurement, Marketing, Systems and Standards development, and Strategic Development.
N3 Agrizzi says he solely commenced the operations of the DCS contract, amongst others.
see 211 N4 Agrizzi admits that he resigned in August 2016 to go to a competitor, the Compass Group, while the DCS contract was up for renegotiation.
N5 Agrizzi says that he was “inundated with messages and calls from Gavin” to retain Agrizzi and “to ensure (Agrizzi) retake control of the Bosasa Group of Companies.”
This statement would appear to be in direct contrast to what Agrizzi told the Zondo Commission, that;
Agrizzi perjury see p386 “The company was owned and run by one person only and he would make the ultimate decision. As much as people would like to think that I could make decisions, the decisions were limited”
see p387  “I want to get away from this myth that I ran the company. I never ran the company.”
Agrizzi therefor lied under oath to the Zondo Commission in making the above remarks.
see p214 N6 Agrizzi says that he personally employed the Group Financial Coordinator without the approval of the Board of Directors or Gavin Watson.
This is opposed to Agrizzi’s testimony to the Zondo Commission, that;
see p386 “everything had to be approved by Gavin Watson”
see p387 “I would still have to consult with every single divisional director before I could take any decision whatsoever. I could not just make a decision on for instance who do we employee. That was not allowed. I will get backlash from Human Resources. Especially, from Papa Leshabane. I was not allowed to argue.”
This further demonstrates Agrizzi’s disregard for the Board and his ability at the time to act unilaterally.
Furthermore it shows once more that Agrizzi lied under oath at the Zondo Commission.
see p214 N7 Agrizzi admits that he owns 5 Ferraris.
N8 Agrizzi says he has personal friendships with media personalities Derek Watts, Jo-Anne Josephs, Adriaan Basson and Denise Bjorkman.
N9 Agrizzi expresses his belief that it was said by people within Bosasa, that his son Giancarlo had dealt drugs at the Youth Centres in the past.
Agrizzi Email to Legal Advisor 07/03/2018 Agrizzi sends email to Group Legal Advisor 12 hours after sending disparaging email to Auditors.
The email details Agrizzi’s desire to return to Bosasa to run it under his leadership.
see p219 N10 Agrizzi mentions “the Directorate (Darkies)” “merely see Bosasa/African Global as a meal ticket, and security”, and that they are “merely in it for themselves”.
see p220  N11 Agrizzi address his view that Gavin believed that Agrizzi and van Tonder had stolen in the region of R30m at that time, saying “let’s hypothetically say that we stole the R30m he claims.”
Agrizzi follow-up Email to Legal Advisor 10/03/2018 Agrizzi sends email to Group Legal Advisor, where Agrizzi says that African Global has received “no political assistance”, “nor do any directors have any influence”.
This is in contrast to what Agrizzi told Zondo.
see p223 Agrizzi says that he had spoken to the banks and they had told him that they would not provide AGO with finance, but that “if I’m involved they will have a restored confidence in the Group of Companies.”
Agrizzi email  urging Bosasa  liquidation  15/03/2018 Agrizzi email to a group advisor, where Agrizzi details his desire to takeover African Global with Crearis, or if not, to then see the company liquidate and then for Crearis to obtain their contracts.
Agrizzi says specifically;
see p224  That the black board of directors of AGO is “defunct and volatile”
see p225  “we wait till the business is liquidated and pick up the contracts by offering assistance during the process.” “that way I am also released from any restraint, something that has kept me from pursuing other ventures in Catering.”
Although this email in sent on 15 March 2018, Agrizzi suggests the business would liquidate in August 2018.
Incidentally, August 2018 was when Agrizzi sent his letter to the press on 21 August 2018.
AGO Board Minutes 19 March 2018 19/03/2018 The Group Legal Advisor presents Agrizzi’s proposal to turnaround AGO to the Board at a Board Meeting on 19 March 2018.
Agrizzi Email to Legal Advisor 19/03/2018 Group Legal Advisor send email to Agrizzi, to confirm who Agrizzi suggests should form part of this “turnaround team”.
see p237  Agrizzi responds that the team who wishes to manage AGO comprises of himself as well as Andries and Leon van Tonder, and Frans Vorster, the now self-described “whistle-blowers”.
The team is to further include other previous Bosasa employees now employed by Agrizzi at Crearis.
April 2018 Mikey Schultz told News24 that “Angelo Agrizzi wanted (him) to intimidate Gavin Watson” and that “Angelo would pay me a substantial amount for this service.”
Schultz said that “Angelo started explaining that he wanted me to intimidate or arrange that a certain Gavin Watson is seriously assaulted” in April 2018. This is after Agrizzi’s request to return to AGO was rejected on 19 March 2018.
Agrizzi Affidavit to Commercial Crime unit 09/05/2018 Agrizzi submits an affidavit to the police suggesting that AGO has “murdered people” after his offer to return to the company in March was rejected.
see p255 Agrizzi prepares an affidavit for Richard le Roux, which Agrizzi asks le Roux to sign. Le Roux’s statement even includes Agrizzi’s own handwriting, which le Roux signs as if he had written it himself.
see p272 Agrizzi says he lives in fear, and that the AGO employees “have the mind-set to take out a contract on (him).”
Agrizzi also say the AGO employees “would not hesitate to contract in a criminal faction to remove a problem and assassinate me.”
These statements are made as a result of a recording Agrizzi had in his possession since October 2017, yet Agrizzi was still requesting to return to AGO on 19 March 2018.
This is in spite of the fact that on 10 March 2018 (page 222), Agrizzi was requesting to meet with Joe Gumede,  saying “the sooner I can meet with them on a one on one the better” so that he could work with Gumede “who we can manage”, as Agrizzi said.
These do not appear to be the words of a man who is in fear for his life.
Agrizzi therefore lied in a sworn affidavit submitted to commercial crimes.
May 2018 Agrizzi starts making denigrating statements about AGO and its employees in defiance of the terms of his “exit agreement”. Examples include;
BlackCox Branding Made by Agrizzi 1. Agrizzi creates racist branding, calling AGO Group company BlackRox, BlackCox.
Agrizzi Chess Pieces of Bosasa Employees 2. Agrizzi makes chess pieces of Bosasa employees.
News 24 Youth Centre Article 3. Agrizzi sends cctv footage to News24 about an incident at a Bosasa Youth Centre where a tactical team was brought in to pacify a situation where a pregnant guard was being held hostage by some youths.
This article is released by News24 more than 1 year after the incident, but the same month that the Mogale Youth Centre tender was submitted.
As a result of the above AGO stops payments on Agrizzi’s “consulting retainer”.
Agrizzi email to media 21/08/2018 Agrizzi sends letter to press making accusations about AGO and Gavin Watson of “racketeering, corruption and money laundering”.
Transcript: Recording of racist Agrizzi 24/08/2018 Transcription of racist recording made of Agrizzi where he says amongst other things;
see p283 In reference to black people in South Africa, that “here they steal, they loot, they rape, they destroy.”
see p289  He has no problem with Gavin Watson, and no animosity towards him, and loves him as his own father.
see p289  “Those k*****s (the Directors) have done nothing for (Gavin Watson)”
see p289  That AGO must “take a whip” to the black directors.
see p290  That he has formed alliances with Derek Watts and Adriaan Basson 4 years prior, where Basson would take his family to Agrizzi’s house.
see p290 That he “was so upset” and “pushed this thing too far”.
see p292 The board of directors is dysfunctional.
see p293 The black directors must all be fired, and that he will personally “fuck each of those k*****s out there”.
see p295 That advocate Peter Tshiseve is a “k*****” who “needs a good hiding”.
see p295 He believes Gavin Watson never wanted to get rid of Agrizzi from Bosasa.
see p297 That director Trevor Mathenjwa is like his pet monkey, Romeo.
see p298 That in reference to the directors that he will “tell each one of those kaffirs where to get off.”
These statements appear in conflict with Agrizzi’s statement to the Zondo Commission that “the country was changing for the better and we saw that the BEE credentials played a major role.”, however in line with Agrizzi’s statement to the Zondo  Commission saying “I am a racist.”
As such this demonstrated Agrizzi lying under oath at the Zondo Commission.
Andries van Tonder Blackmail Transcript 27/03/2018 Transcription of recording of Andries van Tonder attempting to bribe/blackmail Gavin Watson/AGO.
Van Tonder makes 3 offers to Gavin Watson, for Agrizzi to “deal with the media”, the offers being;
see p305 1. Agrizzi and van Tonder must be allowed to purchase the AGO Group.
see p306


2. Agrizzi must come in as the CEO of the company, employ whoever he wishes, and Gavin must retire, for which Agrizzi and van Tonder will pay Gavin R10m per month.
see p310 3. Gavin must fire the board of directors, and various employees, and Agrizzi and van Tonder must get 50% of these monthly savings.
Andries van Tonder told the Zondo Commission, the purpose of the meeting was to show  that “Gavin Watson has got unlimited funds that he always used to buy himself out of difficult situations.”
However the 2 primary offers, for Agrizzi and van Tonder to buy the company or for to takeover the company and pay Gavin R10m a month, would only demonstrate their own financial capacity.
Furthermore, van Tonder said the purpose of the meeting was “to get Gavin Watson to sign the agreement”, however that is not mentioned ever on the recording.
Van Tonder has thus lied under oath to the Zondo Commission in making the above remarks.
Petrus Venter admits previous affidavits false 11/11/2018 Petrus Venter affidavit detailing that his previous affidavit in circulation was prepared by Agrizzi and that all the allegations within that affidavit are false.
Venter specifies that;
see p368 1. Himself, Agrizzi and van Tonder had been stealing from AGO.
see p370 2. Agrizzi used this information to blackmail Venter to sign the false affidavit.
see p374 3. Agrizzi and van Tonder wished to sabotage AGO for their own financial gain.
All in all Venter signed affidavits on 18 December 2017, 18 May 2018, 11 November 2018, and 19 March 2019.
Venter’s 4 affidavits all contradicts each other, and has therefore lied under sworn affidavit each time, as well as lying under oath at the Zondo Commission.
Agrizzi Tells Zondo Why He Came Forward Zondo Agrizzi tell Zondo that he decided to cooperate with law enforcement/Zondo Commission in December 2016 when he fell ill.
Extracts In reality Agrizzi was requesting to return to the company as CEO in August 2018 still.
This is confirmed in 219, 223, 224, 237, 306.
While before that in December 2017 and January 2018, Agrizzi was requesting to operate a contract of AGO’s. This is confirmed in 165, 169, 172.
Agrizzi therefore lied under oath to the Zondo Commission in suggesting he decided to come forward in December 2016.
Agrizzi Confirms He Was Aware of Criminal Charges Against Him Agrizzi says he became aware of criminal charges of crimen injuria and defamation of character being opened against him on 31 August 2018.
Agrizzi said that the police never contacted him, and that “City Press knew that there was a police case. I did not even know. Nobody phoned me. I eventually phoned up the inspecting officer and went and saw them to, so that they do not think anything funny”
However Detective Mothapo from the Douglasdale Police Station contacted Agrizzi immediately after the charges were opened against him, and asked him to come in to the station to provide a statement.
Agrizzi told the police however that he was in Botswana and couldn’t go in, when in fact he was at home in Fourways.
Agrizzi therefore lied under oath at the Zondo Commission in saying that the police had never contacted him, and that he only found out about the charges from City Press.
see p385  Frank Dutton confirms that Agrizzi approached the Commission in September 2018, only after criminal charges were opened against him by the directors of AGO in August 2018.
see p383  This is in conflict with what Agrizzi told Zondo. When asked by Paul Pretorius, why Agrizzi “took so long to come forward”, Agrizzi said, “when I came out of the coma, myself and my family had made a conscience decision that we will clean up where we had made mistakes before.”
The event to which Agrizzi refers however occurred in December 2016, 2 years before he went to the Zondo Commission.
As such Agrizzi lied under oath in saying he decided to comply with the inquiry in December 2016.
In reality Agrizzi only approached Frank Dutton in response to Bosasa directors opening criminal charges against him.
see p386 Agrizzi tells Zondo that regarding all decisions within Bosasa “everything had to be approved by Gavin Watson.”
001 to 005 show that Agrizzi and van Tonder could approve anything in Bosasa if both of them signed for it. This was for the whole period of Agrizzi’s employment, until 24 February 2017.
This is also contradicted by 052, where Gavin says to Agrizzi “I have never questioned your operational ability and allowed you to run (Bosasa) as your own”.
In 088 the board addresses once more that Agrizzi was acting without the Board’s approval, showing how Agrizzi acted unilaterally.
In 211 Agrizzi says that when he left the company in August 2016 to go to a competitor, he was called by Gavin “to ensure I retake control of the Bosasa Group of companies”.
In 297 Agrizzi confirms that he never waited for board approval on anything saying “Papa used to get upset, because I used to go out and do my own thing. I never waited for him because I haven’t got time.”
Given the above, it is clear Agrizzi lied under oath to the Zondo Commission.
see 387 Agrizzi implied to the Zondo Commission that he was merely an employee who had to defer to a board of directors.
Agrizzi specifically saying “the position I held at Bosasa was of Chief Operations Officer”, “my influence is very limited, in actual fact. I was never ever registered as a director”.
In 077 however, Agrizzi himself says, “my role has always been much more than the mere Group Operations Officer, even to the point where I was coordinating meetings with the Directorate at the hospital”.
Given the above, it is clear Agrizzi lied under oath to the Zondo Commission.
see 387 Agrizzi tells the Zondo Commission, “my normal course of business and duties would include making operational decisions within constraints. I want to get away from this myth that I ran the company. I never ran the company.”
Agrizzi however himself quotes messages sent to him by Gavin in 052, where Gavin said “I have never questioned your operational ability and allowed you to run (Bosasa) as your own”.
In 211 Agrizzi confirms his own view, that when he left the company in August 2016 to go to a competitor, he was called by Gavin “to ensure I retake control of the Bosasa Group of companies”.
On page 19, Agrizzi refers to “The Group and its functional teams, under his leadership”
Agrizzi further told the Zondo Commission, “I never ran the company. I had no aspirations, nor do I have any aspirations to run that kind of company”.
Agrizzi contradicts this on;
Page 165 where he specifically asks to run the DCS contract of the business.
Page 219 where he asks to be allowed to “turn around the business”.
Page 224 where Agrizzi says “The initial idea was that we look at doing a comprehensive takeover of the business unit known as African Global.”
Page 236 where when Agrizzi was asked who would form part of the management team to take over AGO, Agrizzi responded, “me, personally I would head up the transaction”
Page 306, where Andries van Tonder says on Agrizzi’s behalf “Let him run (Bosasa). But he must be, like, he needs to be the CEO.”
Given the above, it is clear Agrizzi lied under oath to the Zondo Commission.
see 388 Agrizzi tells the Zondo Commission, “I could not just make a decision on for instance who do we employee. That was not allowed.”
This is contradicted on page 210 where Agrizzi says “I also assumed the role of Human Resources”, and particularly on page 214 when Agrizzi says he employed the Group Financial Coordinator against the instruction of the Board of Directors and Gavin Watson.
Given the above, it is clear Agrizzi lied under oath to the Zondo Commission.
see 389 Agrizzi told the Zondo Commission all requests required multiple approvals and one of those approvals always needed to be a director.
This is contradicted by the company levels of authority in A001 to A005, showing that Agrizzi and van Tonder had unrestricted authority together until Agrizzi was retrenched in 2017.
Given the above, it is clear Agrizzi lied under oath to the Zondo Commission.
see 390 Agrizzi says he always need a director or Gavin Watsons signature.
This is in contrast to Agrizzi saying to the Zondo Commission ” the one thing that you must
bear in mind that Gavin Watson would never sign anything. He would tell you, I never
have signed anything”, as well as the approvals in A001 to A005 which show that Agrizzi and van Tonder could approve all transactions by themselves.
Given the above, it is clear Agrizzi lied under oath to the Zondo Commission.