Foreign Relations Minister Lindiwe Sisulu tells investors SA is open for business

PRETORIA โ€” Foreign Relations Minister Lindiwe Sisulu says the election has proven that South Africa is a stable democracy and adds the Government is opening its arms and inviting investors to come and invest in the country. Sisulu however ducked a question on whether there are internal forces in the ANC that are threatening President Cyril Ramaphosa’s agenda. – Linda van Tilburg

What is your message to the Business Investor Community?

Well I am surprised that they are on hold waiting to see what is going to come out of this because technically the fundamentals of our Democracy are solid. We have a Constitution that binds us all to behave in a particular way. We have laws that guide us on a regular basis. We have protocols. We have regular elections. Now for any business community what they want to know is does that country have regular elections? Are those elections free and fair? Do they have policies certainty? Yes, we have policies that give them certainty. We have a very strong Constitution. We have a very strong judiciary, very strong electoral system. What more could you ask for? For business community out there, you have in South Africa a model of what you can only dream of.

I think they are waiting for a strong mandate from Ramaphosa to make sure that there are not forces within the ANC that would change his agenda.

Unfortunately right now today Iโ€™m here as a Minister of International Relations because I await the report of the monitors who are here from SADEC and the AU. It would be premature and wrong of me to pronounce myself as a Party Member. But I am hoping that by the time that they have given the report, it will be a positive one because that would be a very positive step for the Business Community that our lateral processes have been endorsed by the International Community as being free and fair and well the mandate we will await for the results. And their anxiety, I would like to assure them. Everybody has worked hard, very hard to give them the assurance that in our hands as a country their investment is safe. In our hands as a country we are opening our arms for them to come in and invest and assure them that Democracy thrives. They are looking for strong systems. They are looking for a strong Democracy. They are looking for strong indices of Democracy and we have it all. We have laid the foundations for it and I donโ€™t think there will be any shift away from where we are right now.

One last quick question. These rumors about Russian interference?


So fake news?

Absolute fake news from somebody who is so bored because when you sit here waiting for results, itโ€™s very boring so why not throw in something like that.

Mrs. Sisulu thank you so much.

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