White Monopoly Capital – O’Sullivan’s public health warning

You could write a thesis on the term “White Monopoly Capital”, the brutally effective racist Zuptoid moniker used most recently to obscure State thievery and corruption. However, its’ genius lies in swapping two words in the phrase; “White Minority Rule.” Here, decorated Forensics for Justice sleuth, Paul O’Sullivan, argues compellingly that use of WMC by politicians is actually a red flag about their own criminal intent – or previous involvement in State-Capture-like activities. If you doubt this, witness the examples he cites. The racially divisive efficacy of the term was illustrated in one of the most spectacularly successful pieces of propaganda ever touted in South Africa. It rightly led to the downfall of Zuptoid-hired British PR firm, Bell Pottinger. Two world wars were prompted by political crooks and tyrants who knew how to divide and/or whip up support by scapegoating or demonising a segment of society. Many more modern wars come to mind. So, blaming white people for the lack of service delivery when the real culprits are corrupt civil servants, politicians and unethical private company owners, is the ultimate red-herring. The distilling and relabelling of 144 years of subjugation and 84 years of legislated White Minority Rule should carry a public health warning. – Chris Bateman

By Paul O’Sullivan*

The use of the expression, White Monopoly Capital (WMC) was recently promoted by the now defunct Bell Pottinger.

Although thought to have been used a few times in liberation discussions in the 1950’s, the expression first found printed life in a book by Dr Bernard Magubane, published by Africa World Press in 1995, titled The Making of  Racist State with a sub-title: British Imperialism and the Union of South Africa 1875-1910. The book shows how the imperial forces practiced and honed their skills in subjugation in Ireland for hundreds of years, before turning their attention to far-away places like India and Africa. This saw Africans being shipped off in uniform to fight in India and Indian’s being shipped off in uniform to fight in Africa. Behind the grand plan was a plan to create a Protestant master-race of Great Britain, striving for an even greater “Empire”, upon which the sun would never set. Cecil Rhodes was merely the epitome of the Empire, he was not the Empire himself. Every upper-class British subject of the Empire had been bred to grow the Empire and had the glorious British Empire inculcated into their very existence. The creation of the “Empire” had led to the decimation of indigenous populations around the world. In the mid-nineteenth century, British politicians even accepted that by the middle of the next century, there would not exist a Maori or Aborigine and this would have to be the price to pay for British Greatness. Not so in Africa, where cheap labour would be needed to plunder the earth’s resources. However, first Britain would have to get rid of that Boer problem, just like they had to get rid of the Irish ‘problem’.

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Queen Victoria was nine years in the grave before the Union, which was the result of her desire to take it all. She famously said of the Boer War “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; They do not exist”. However, long after Victoria had gone, the British forces had to admit that, much like the Irish ‘problem’, an outright victory in South Africa was just not possible. The subjugated Boers, would rise again, just like the Irish did. Hence the idea of the “Union” was hatched with the passing of the South African Act of 1910 in Westminster and the ‘Empire’ controlled part of South Africa was merged with the Boer Republics and became one, under “White Minority Rule”, which lasted for a further 84 years.

In 2005, the term White Minority Capital was found in the scholarly work titled State of the Nation published by HSRC Press. The term is found late on in the book, in a discussion about the Apartheid government’s decision to create a black middle-class after the 1976 Soweto uprising, to act as a buffer between the black masses and white minority capital.

The linking of the terms white minority rule and white minority capital was pure genius. It conjured in the minds of the listener, the link between centuries long subjugation and white people with money. It was without a doubt the most divisive expression when it emerged into the narrative of corrupt politicians, courtesy of a company from Great Britain, Bell Pottinger. However, the expression, apart from being racially divisive, was also to prove as an expression by which one could recognise those that were on the payroll of the Zuptoids, which had nearly brought the country to its knees.

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There was no greater divisive chapter in the history of the country, since apartheid, than the criminal attempts by those that were enjoying the fruits of their corruption and greed, than when they paid millions to a company from Great Britain, to sew disharmony and discontent and ‘blame’ white people for the lack of service delivery in South Africa, when the real culprits were corrupt civil servants, politicians and unethical private company owners, such as the Guptas and the Watsons. A study on the use of the term White Minority Capital, is therefore very interesting and we at Forensics for Justice see the term as a red-flag for criminal intent.

Let’s look at just a few of the users of the term

Lynne Brown, in 2016, defending the morally bankrupt leadership of financially bankrupt state owned companies:

“We are also not surprised that these state owned companies are attacked daily by the profits of doom It is because they are bringing change in the lives of our people and are re directing the landscape of economy in our country and challenging the monopolistic arrangement of white minority capital.”

Edward Zuma, brought up by Nkososana Dlamini-Zuma, after being taken from his teenage mother at birth, lambasted Derek Hanekom and Pravin Gordhan in 2017 when he said Hanekom was:

“A white monopoly capitalist offspring and an Afrikaner racist” and referred to Gordhan as a Corrupt white monopoly stooge”.

Gupta sponsored Black First Land First puppet, Andile Mngxitama blamed the Cape storms of 2017 on White Monopoly Capital in a tweet:

“It may strike many as an outlandish claim that the Cape Storms are a direct product of global capitalism and its local representatives we know as white monopoly capital”

The same Gupta BLF puppet said of Gordhan:

“Black First Land First demands that Pravin Gordhan recuses himself from the standing committee on finance as there is overwhelming evidence that there is an apprehension of bias on his part which arises from him being conflicted, compromised and captured by white settler monopoly capital.”

Nkososana Dlamini-Zuma on the NASREC vote and blamed her downfall on white minority capital in an interview on Gupta owned ANN7:

“I‘m not afraid. I‘m not afraid of them. But I‘m not surprised white minority capital is not endorsing me.”

Ace Magashule: One of the primary benefactors of the Gupta and Zuma families, this last week stated:

“We cannot allow a few of us to be co-opted into the power structure of the (mainly white) rich, while many (indeed black people and African people) – still remain poor. We cannot defeat white monopoly capital (WMC) by allowing it to co-opt us.” 

Curiously in the very same speech, Magashule quoted Mandela, when he said “Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemies.” Yet Magashule only creates resentment, for the same reason that the Gupta and Zuma families hired Bell Pottinger. They do it to act as a red-herring for their criminal conduct. It is better to create racial division and tension, than to own up for your wholescale looting of the country. It is better to create bitterness between the peoples, than have to pay back what you stole. It is far more preferable to destroy the rainbow nation dream, than to don an orange uniform and go to prison.

However, what not a single one of these proponents of the expression white minority capital or white monopoly capital will ever do, is to tell the black African people that it was those that use the terms “White Monopoly Capital” that stole the dream of financial emancipation and stole the future of the country.

So today, we at Forensics for Justice, who will continue to expose crime and corruption by those in power, are grateful to Bell Pottinger for coining the phrase ‘White Monopoly Capital’. They have provided us with a red-flag indicator, a tell-tale, of where to seek out those engaged in stealing the future of the country. The ‘canary in the mine’ of systemic corruption is the use of the term “White Monopoly Capital”.

We ask the people of South Africa to ignore the divisive speeches of those that have lined their pockets with the proceeds of crime. The ANC won the recent elections and they now have a chance to prove themselves worthy of running the country. If they appoint more corrupt ministers and dividers of the nation that use terms like White Minority Capital, it is up to the rest of us to stop them in their tracks.

  • Paul O’Sullivan, Forensics for Justice.