Paul O’Sullivan: That’s better Sunday Times, but you’re not yet out the woods

CAPE TOWN — Crime and corruption buster Paul O’ Sullivan has unhanded his sword – only to hang it high on a thread. This after the Sunday Times at the weekend dramatically admitted to having allowed itself to be manipulated by agents of State Capture, going some way to avoid O’Sullivan instituting an advertising boycott campaign against them. He’ll however only retrieve his Sword of Damocles should Editor Bongani Siqoko reconcile further, given how the national newspaper enabled agents of the State to act illegally against him and other prominent opponents of State Capture. He makes it crystal clear where his outrage and demand for restoration of justice come from – outlining in chapter and verse what politically-directed police and prosecutors did to him and others – on the back of Sunday Times-manipulated public opinion. It’s a smart tactical move, now that Siqoko is showing an affinity towards peace by admitting three sensational stories were fake. O’Sullivan, wants him to study his grievances further and show further good faith. A quick glance at them illustrates the point. The ball is back in the Sunday Times court as it battles with what is an existential crisis to any media corporation or business – credibility. – Chris Bateman

From Paul O’Sullivan

Dear Bongani,

Sunday Times announcement a Victory for Truth – How ‘Rogue Journalists’ helped bring a country to its knees

Thanks for taking the trouble to admit the previous mistakes made by the Sunday Times, in respect of the three narratives identified by Forensics for Justice in our report ‘Joining the Dots’ first published almost two years ago, in December 2016.

Paul O’Sullivan

You have demonstrated that you are man enough for the task of restoring credibility to what was once one of the country’s finest Sunday reads.

This certainly brings the Sunday Times a lot closer to settling the dispute I have with it, insofar as I am concerned. I asked for retractions, apologies, handing back of the award and distancing yourselves from the two journalists in question. You have gone so far to meet most of the demands I have made of you, it should not be too difficult for you to take the last few tiny steps to total freedom.

To put things it into context, NOT ONE of the following events would have taken place, were it not for the unlawful suspensions and removal of Anwar Dramat and Shadrack Sibiya, which suspensions and removal were ‘facilitated’ by stories, which you have now publicly admitted should never have been published in the first place:

  • On 2015-04-15, my offices were unlawfully raided by criminals with badges who had fraudulently obtained a search warrant. We immediately obtained and injunctive order and the warrant was subsequently set aside in October 2015 and I was awarded costs. But not before the criminals with badges unlawfully made a duplicate copy of the contents of the hard drives of one of my computers, unlawfully seized in the unlawful raid, and in flagrant breach of the urgent order obtained on the day of the unlawful search and seizure.
  • The contents of the hard drive of my computer were then unlawfully harvested by the criminals with badges and shared with a certain journalist (not a Sunday Times employee). The journalist in question then commenced a two year process of sending anonymous e-mails to various e-mail addresses harvested from my computer, which included my business associates, clients and even my children. To this very day, the same journalist is still sending out his anonymous e-mails, hiding behind a Gmail account he has set up for that purpose. We know who he is, as we have caught him out for the offences of fraud and intimidation, yet his cop-friends refuse to do anything about the case opened against him, declaring a lack of evidence. My children are NOT happy at receiving the abusive mails from him.
  • On 2016-04-01, I was dragged off a plane, with my two daughters, then aged 8 and 9, and detained and tortured for three days. The police had no warrant and the arrest was arbitrary and part of a process to punish me for exposing corrupt senior cops, Zuma family members, Zuma family business associates and one of Zuma’s mistresses, Dudu Myeni. My two daughters were then obliged to travel alone overseas, to attend school two days later than planned, and were severely traumatised as a result. I did not see them again until more than three months later, because the criminals with badges, now assisted by criminal with gowns, took my passports and refused to give them back, forcing me bring court applications every time I wanted to go overseas.
  • Between 01 April 2016 and September 2017, the criminals with badges and gowns charged me with no fewer than 47 false criminal charges, resulting in me having to endure multiple malicious prosecutions sanctioned by the unlawfully appointed Shawn Abrahams, as ‘gratification’ for his appointment by Michael Hulley, as proxy for Jacob Zuma, the then corrupt President of the republic and father and uncle respectively of three other Zumas against whom I had opened dockets, namely Edward, Duduzane and Khulubuse.
  • In the same period, every time I want to go overseas I had to bring an application to court, because the thugs with badges and gowns refused to hand me my passports.
  • All this abuse of rights in the full glare of the media, which further damaged my business interests, especially since the Zuptoid elements of the media, and the crooked journalist I referred to above, made a meal out of it. After three years including multiple urgent applications and multiple malicious trials, I was found not guilty on all charges, or the charges were withdrawn, but not before I was deliberately forced to endure more than 100 civil or criminal court days and multiple court preparation days. The total cost of my legal fees, not to mention lost days of consulting work and lost business opportunities, is in excess of R17 million. Ironically, the same amount the State spent on defending Jackie Selebi on genuine corruption charges, launched by me in 2005, for which the State was never reimbursed. How fair is that?
  • On 10 February 2017, my legal adviser, Sarah-Jane Trent was kidnapped from my offices and driven around for a few hours before being dumped at a rural police station north of Pretoria, with instructions to the station staff, to deny she was there. This necessitated an urgent high court application, to secure her freedom, after two nights in a rat-infested and maggot infested cell.
  • In the above raid, Sarah-Jane Trent’s cellular phone was ‘stolen’, since there was no warrant to seize same, and they returned to steal it more than an hour after kidnapping her. The phone could not be downloaded, so it was sent by associates of Keith Keating, who had benefitted from Keating’s largesse towards senior SAPS officials, to a foreign intelligence agency, in Israel. The foreign intelligence agency, had to destroy the phone, in order to lift the contents from a chip in the phone, in what is commonly known as a ‘chip-off’ download. No law in South Africa allows the friends of a person accused of corruption, to steal a phone after kidnapping someone, send the phone to a foreign intelligence agency and then destroy the phone to remove its contents.
  • On 13 February 2017, despite me having obtained a High Court interdict to prevent such an occurrence. Close criminal-with-badge friends of Phahlane and Ntlemeza (the same people involved in Sarah-Jane Trent’s kidnapping) then kidnapped me outside my attorney’s offices in Centurion. This resulted in a another urgent application to secure my freedom. Despite two deputy directors at the NPA confirming in writing that the criminals with badges should be charged for kidnapping in both our cases, Shawn Abrahams instructed his crooked underlings to intercept the dockets and ‘decline’ to prosecute.

The last time such abuses took place in South Africa, were under a repressive Apartheid regime. Yet the Sunday Times helped make it happen not once, not twice, not thrice but multiple times.

For reasons best known to itself, the Sunday Times then aligns itself with some of the above mentioned criminals by running even more defamatory and false narratives, clearly aimed at ‘disrupting’ the pending criminal prosecution of corrupt senior police officials, at my, Sarah-Jane Trent’s and Robert McBride’s expense. I still wait for your rectification of that false narrative.

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Without derogating from the very clear human rights abuses of certain members of the Hawks, IPID, SARS, Glynnis Breytenbach and Pravin Gordhan, which were truly shocking to all South Africans, it has to be accepted that the most vengeful abuse of my and my children’s human rights and Sarah-Jane Trent’s human rights, shows that I was singled out for special attention by the mafia that had taken over the criminal justice system. I should add that, whilst the DPCI’s unlawful appointees were abusing my rights, General Moonoo was conspiring with Radovan Krejcir to have me murdered, whilst contemporaneously trying to have me arrested on fake ‘espionage’ and/or ‘treason’ charges. For this reason alone, the Sunday Times should have been ultra-cautious before publishing the lies of criminals yet again.

This is why, as noble as your recent steps in the right direction might be, I cannot (and will not) lay down my arms, until the Sunday Times can truly say that it can be trusted, by all South Africans and whilst they are close, they are not quite there.

I feel sure that when you have taken all of the above and my prior mails into account, you will do the honourable thing, without the need for me to make any final demands.

O’Sullivan’s war is NOT over

Needless to say, despite the fact that we might be able to resolve our issues with Sunday Times, we have NOT even started the fight with the dirty cops and prosecutors that are still in their jobs, after what they have done. Maybe you can, as part of our settlement help us name and shame these people. Naturally we will provide the evidence and we will be happy to be named as sources, rather than hiding in dark places like the ‘sources’ sent by Richard Mdluli and/or his accomplices.

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I would therefore be delighted if we can soon finalise matters, as that would also leave me free to pursue Hogan Lovells, who themselves were illegally appointed by the then (corrupt) Minister of Police and who in turn illegally appointed Advocate William Mokhari as part of the conspiracy to capture the criminal justice system.

I also intend to pursue and expose the role of ENS Africa, who seem happy to run with the foxes and hunt with the hounds at tax-payer expense. It was ENS that pursued criminal charges against me, on behalf of Dudu Myeni, whilst being paid by a bankrupt airline, from tax-payer funds.

Hogan Lovells, Mokhari and ENS all made millions, from the tax-payer to pursue their false narratives and I WILL bring them all to book.

I will continue to suspend the date on which I might launch a boycott campaign against you, but you are not quite out of the woods yet.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and, as ever, reserve my rights.

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