Business should stop ‘appeasement’ strategy on land EWC – John Kane-Berman

Despite the mountain of local and international criticism against the ANC-government’s decision to change the constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation; they have steadfastly gone ahead and the Expropriation Bill is expected to be approved in Parliament this year. The end of January was the last day for public comment on the bill but that deadline has now been extended to the 29th of February after Parliament’s email address appeared to be overwhelmed by the response. Many people trying to make submissions received a message that their responses were blocked due to “unacceptable content.” Some organisations like GroundUp and Dear South Africa claimed that only those submissions that were objecting to the proposed changes, were blocked. This has prompted Parliament to extend the deadline to leap day. John Kane-Berman has taken banks and the business community in general to task in the Daily Friend for what he describes as appeasement or ‘we would agree with your objectives, but would like to propose a different method’ on expropriation. This strategy he says, saddled South Africa with “black economic empowerment and employment equity legislation”. – Linda van Tilburg

Land: beware of two steps forward and one step back